M.Report S01E27 – The Return

5 Sep, '08

The shiny new Nokia E71 I bought yesterday has prompted me to try it’s capabilities, image wise that is, so what better way to do that other than to take you on a garden tour while using it to record the experience?

Will this be the return to regular M.Reports? I sure hope so, I missed doing them!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.

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  1. Romster says:

    This phone makes you look old. I like it

  2. Charlie says:

    Not Bad Quality At All for a business phone

  3. heraish says:

    Looks like a great video phone. Quality is amazing!

  4. ALIsszz says:

    yes it seems good ,,congratulations

  5. What a coincidence! I just bought the E71 yesterday from GOSI. So far I’m happy with it. Please let me know if you find a suitable iSync pluggin cuz I tried two so far and they don’t seem to work.

  6. mahmood says:

    Hey, great minds think alike!

    The component you need is at http://europe.nokia.com/A4299040

    Select / Search for E71 and download it and that’s all you need.

    You might also want to get the “Fring” plugin so you can Skype/GTalk etc directly on the phone using any Wireless signal! Look it up, it’s really cool.

  7. Sam says:

    Fly nets!!!! One of my pet hates!

    I think you should slide them out of your window frame. I hate windows with sliding fly nets. They make the window look awful from the exterior, and it spoils the view when your inside looking out. Put them in storage. Your not going to make use of them during hot months. They just collect dust & serve no purpose.

    I love your garden. More M.Reports please! 🙂

  8. mahmood says:

    I know, I change them every 2 or 3 years, but can’t live without them. At least I don’t mind them as much as I do flies in the house. AND, on a practical note, they keep Filbert flying IN the house rather than escape!

    I’ll do more M.Reports as I can, I actually enjoy them if only I could get up the bother to get them done more often.

  9. Viking says:

    I need a new phone, can you recommend the E71?

  10. mahmood says:

    yep, absolutely.

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