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8 Sep, '08

You know that you are a Gulf Arab (or a long term resident) if a story like this doesn’t even make you stop and contemplate life for a while:

This form of transport happens in every single country in the Gulf, seen as pretty normal. <small>Picture credit: <a href="">The Telegraph</a></small>

This form of transport happens in every single country in the Gulf, seen as pretty normal.

Baby camel still missing after crash

MYSTERY surrounds the whereabouts of a baby camel, which fled after being involved in a road accident in which two people were injured.

The accident happened near the Al Jazira Supermarket, Budaiya, when the camel reportedly fell off a pick-up truck, into the path of an oncoming car, on Saturday.

It is understood the camel shattered the car windscreen, slightly injuring its Indian driver and a passenger.

The camel was last seen running into bushes near Bushehri Gardens, but there has been no trace of it since.

Traffic police called an ambulance and the injured car occupants were treated on the spot, but not taken to hospital.

“We made sure the two men were treated but we are not aware of what happened to the camel,” said a traffic official.

A witness, who was at a nearby cold store, said the camel fell off a pick-up but the vehicle did not stop.

“Seconds later, the animal was hit by a car,” he said.
GDN – 8 Sept 08

Picture credit: The Telegraph

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  1. ALIsszz says:

    ya seems pretty normal.

  2. Merlin says:

    Mahmood – what happened to the Just Bahraini campaign? Seems very quiet? Anything big happening soon with the funds raised?

  3. Solomon says:

    Poor camel…

  4. ammaro says:

    oh crap. i just wrote a whole post about this.

    I guess it does make me stop and contemplate.

  5. mahmood says:

    Nothing at the moment Merlin, but I wouldn’t mind others joining hands with me to continue the task. As for the money, there is no expiry date on them, and as they are finite, I would rather spend wisely rather than in haste.

  6. Ali says:

    This is just another example of the fusion of western and arab culture – where would we be without the white pickup?

    By the way it doesn’t even register as surprise…..

    Another example of this marriage of the two cultures, my wife is always complaining that I don’t lift up our new (Western) toilet seat when I go to the loo. She has to wipe my footprints off it every time!!!

  7. mahmood says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    thanks for the laugh Ali!

  8. Abu Arron says:

    Ha, ha. Excellent Ali, excellent. It’s a long fall too if you lose your balance!!

  9. Meggie says:

    Oh strewth!

    Just goes to show what happens when motorists neglect to look in the rear view mirror. If they had looked, they would have noticed the poor little critter was no longer there, and mayhem had just broken out on the carriageway.

    There’s nowt so strange as folk.

    But I wonder where he is, and if he is badly injured.

    I know nothing about camels. Zilch. But if they are anything like horses, they aren’t very robust.

  10. ja3faro says:

    maskeen il camel :p

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    The experiment will begin today, September 14th 2008, & end in a week on the Internationd Day of Peace, September 21st.

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  12. engin Sor says:

    when I read about wester toilets and old middleeastern toilet that the gentelman stants on it.Some 50-60 years ago In Ankara in out downstairs apartmant mother put western toilet. And the renters were doing their thing like this gentelman and they broke it and mother replaced it with alaturka toilet we never change

  13. Um Naief says:

    this is very sad… i hope the camel didn’t die, but w/ so many accidents like this happening w/ cows in the states or deer, and the animal always seems to die, i can’t help but to think it was terrified, ran off and died some place.

    makes my heart sad when i see trucks carrying animals like this. there should be a law against it…. truly.

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