It’s over

Over the last few years of active blogging, and BBSing and other forms of electronic communication since 1986, I have decided to stop active blogging and would like to thank everyone for their friendship, support, suggestions and comments.

It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.

Thanks very much and best of luck to everyone. It’s been a pleasure.


  1. Mike Knight

    Sad announcement Mahmood 🙁

    You have been my daily cup-of-coffee buddy first thing every morning – you turned me on to FLICKR – I do hope you keep that up!

    I will miss your wit and wisdom – morning coffee will be a much more mundane moment without your blog…..

    Whatever your reasons however – I certainly wish you well – and thank you for having the blog in the first place 🙂


  2. Anonny

    Yup! That’s clients for ya! I can’t say I’m surprised.

    I wish you all the best for your business and in this
    next phase of your life.

  3. AbuRasool

    This does not sound good.
    I guess you have your reasons.But I cannot help feeling a loss.

    I have relied on visiting your blog whenever I wanted a single reliable source on developments back home, or feel the pulse of the country.

    Hope we meet next time I am in Bahrain


  4. RedBirdiii

    Why now? Oh why? I love your blog.. You’re the reason I’m reading blogs now.. I’m really going to miss you.. and I’ll keep checking this blog in case of your return..

  5. ASKAD


    I hope this is a joke, i wish you change your mind.
    I love your blogs wish you reconsider.

  6. Miss 22

    but y??? I enjoyed reading your posts and most of all seeing journalists steal them 😉

    i can imagine 2moro’s GDN.. blogfather discontinues bloggin!

    come back!

  7. Toddi

    not good, i´ve enjoyed reading your posts for quite some time although im allergic to blogs in general 🙂

  8. Kazarr

    Hi Mahmood,
    sorry to hear this news. Even from Germany i occassionally step in to be in (distant) touch.

    Especially the short form of the good bye is a little unsatisfying for us readers.

    Is it business which keeps you away? Lost interest in blogging? External pressure?

    Maybe you can shift back a gear, but still keep it up and running?

    The powers will see it as a victory, which would be double sad.

    Just my 2eurocents,

  9. Starkville

    Woah, can you at least explain why?

    The brevity of your post from one so usually loquacious suggests something is amiss.

    Hope you’ll reconsider? Why make a big announcement and end it? If you are snowed under or lack inspiration at the moment then just take it as it comes and have a weekly post or something when you can fin the time?

    Your blog is the only way us non-Arabic reaidng expats can get a sense of many of the local issues without the bS – say it ain’t so!

  10. anon

    افا بس …. موفق انشالله 🙂

  11. Bahrainiac

    This better make the front page of the GDN tomorrow!!

    However sad it may be know that you will be truly missed.

    May God bless you for all the wonderful blogging.

    It has been a privilege to read your musings over these past 14 years. You are truly the best Blogger in Bahrain, if not the entire Middle East.

    May you prosper in all your future endeavors.

  12. ISmaeel

    You will be missed mahmood. I can’t help but remember the countless conversations me and my friends had about what the latest post talked about on your den. I hope you the best of luck in all your future goals and endeavors.


  13. Leith Dawaigher

    I can’t believe that you are quitting, but I understand that you have your reasons as Abu Rasool stated above. I remember when I discovered Mahmood’s Den back in 2003. I could not stop visiting it everyday. I had to read what was going on in Bahrain. I remember my first post when I was outraged at what the MPs were about to do back in 2004. Nevertheless, your blog has inspired me to do a lot of things especially writing I have even learned a lot from it too. Even though my blog was short lived due to personal reasons, I did not stop from fulfilling my other ambitions that I got from reading your posts. It has been a pleasure in getting to know you, and hearing about what has been going on in Bahrain. Overall, it seems that Bahrain has not really changed since I left it. The people are still the same. Your blog will indeed be missed.

  14. Darth

    Your kidding! How am I going to get all the insight I use to get and what do you mean by active blogging exactly! Come on, Parliament is starting soon, lots of material to talk about then… ??

  15. Al Rayyash

    Your resignation been rejected and we will conceder to give you a leave of one month, or until you finish your project.

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  17. Simon Columbus

    I am of course surprised about this step. I wonder what might be the reasons for it. As you said, you’re not someone who has just tried blogging. Quitting after 20 years, as you tell it, must have some serious reason, which I think everybody of us would like to know.
    Still, it is not the time for demands from us, but for thanks. I hope this site may stay up as the monument of free speech and critical observation it is.
    Thanks, Mahmood. We’ll miss the Den.

  18. heraish

    May God bless you and your family in this life and the hereafter. I would like to also thank you for letting us publish some grandiose ideas and you have been a good sport overall. You have definitely done a good service for your country and the government should be proud of you wa jazakallah kheir.

  19. Magnus

    Wow, that’s a surprise and not a good one. Well, I wish you all the best for the future. I’ve enjoyed following your adventures, especially the Apple-related parts of them. Take care.

  20. sad

    your bloog changed the way i think

    thank you for everything

    take care

  21. AGA

    I have always said, “That is the problem with sabaticals.” They don’t come back!

    Ah, what to say? I’m working late, paying for my procrastination (and all but oblivious to the payment my family also incurs) and I check on the Den for that inspiration, that insight into human nature, that special mix of substance seasoned with humor which I invariably find when visit the Den. Only, now, I am informed that its over, C’est fini. Mahmood, depite my present despair, I thank you for your efforts and regret only that I did not find you earlier at the moment you started, as I would have benefited all the more.

    I have often thought, during those times when I try to imagine that man behind the Den, and wondered how he could create this space, how he could make the time to do it, how it seemed so effortless yet professional, why he would do it, the touch with which he responded to comments, the patience which elevated the discussion, etc. “Intelligent, informative, and fun.” Indeed. In attempting to answer these “wonderings,” the best that I could come up with was that goodness creates, a premise if I remember correctly which ran through both Plato and Aristotle. This site is good, genuinely good, and frankly, that is the only explanation for its existence.

  22. loki

    wow. I’m very sad to hear this. Thank you so much for providing a great site for all this time. Wish you the best of luck!

  23. Capt. Arab

    The thought did cross my mind after reading the last message on taking some time off.
    Man.. I will miss you, but you will remain as one of my default tabs on my browser. I know for sure that you will be popping up here and there with something to say 🙂
    Wish you all the best

  24. Um Mohammed

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeee think this over!!!

  25. ammaro


    OK, we’ll let you go, but you have to elaborate! You said, time to move on.

    Move on to what?

    Movie making? Space adventures?

  26. dude

    this can’t be true.
    i’m still in high school and your blog has given me a lot of incite about whats going on around the world and in our country.
    Thanks for everything

  27. Butterfly

    This is a sudden decision and I am still in shock. I hope you will change your mind,can’t imagine the blogsphere without your blog.

    You inspired and encouraged many of us bahrainis to blog andto have our own sites and now you are leaving!!! 🙁

    Who will take the lead now? who can fill the big space that you will leave?

    The bloggers gathering,the “Just Bahraini” campaign .. the websites code of ethics, … etc.

    Mahmood .. we will be lost without you, you remember last time when I told you “you are the leader” I meant it and I am sure nobody can fill this position and take your role, at least now.

    whatever is the reason,I think you still can blog at least once a week. Can’t you? 🙁

  28. June

    Mahmood your fanbase are going to miss you. This blog has been inspirational to allot of young people.

    All the best x

  29. Abu Arron

    A sad day indeed, but a decision obviously made after a lot of consideration.

    Good luck Habibi, I’ll miss your humour while stuck here in Riyadh. Hopefully for not much longer :^)

  30. Desert Island Boy

    Ya Mahmood!

    All good things must come to an end. What a run, eh, old chap? I do have to thank you for being an inspiration to me, for me to start my own blog several years past. Of course, I took my own sabbatical and haven’t quite put together the wherewithal to come back from it. But this isn’t about me.

    Thank you for the years of re-connecting with my home. Thank you for inspiring me to find my own voice. Thank you for standing for all that is good and decent about Bahrain; our tolerance, our hard work, even our wit and sarcasm. To me, you are indeed a National Treasure. My only true disappointment will come if the archives of this site ever disappear.

    Godspeed, my friend; may he reward you lavishly for the richness you have brought to our lives. sniff…sniff…

  31. Susanne

    Bad news… but thank you very much for the insight you offered into the life in Bahrain and for the beautiful pictures of your garden!

  32. Ibn

    I half suspected this when you took a break Mahmood…

    What the hell man?! Why??!

    All good things… 🙁


  33. Redbelt

    No reason. Short post. Out of the blue.
    something drastic, personal or highly classified.
    How big?
    Laws of physics tell me that if an object moving at a direction to REVERSE direction; a larger energy must be affecting it in the opposite direction.
    In human words: Since you were rather passionate about blogging, something really serious happened.

    If you count what I wrote, that’s 42 comments without response from you.

    I don’t like this.

  34. Ethan

    You’ll be missed Mahmood – this blog was one of the first Middle Eastern bog I’d read. Your opinions and humanity really helped me to understand a lot more about the world.

    I’m also worried for the same reasons others are – a goodbye shouldn’t be so abrupt without a reason for it.

  35. Post

    Thank you all for your support and friendship. There is nothing untoward which prompted my decision to stop blogging, it truly is a good natural time for me to do so as I am heading into directions that require my full attention. Blogging, as you know, takes a lot of time that I no longer can afford to dedicate to this activity.

    I will ask you just to respect this position. You will always be my friends and I look forward to seeing you both on the virtual and real lives for a long time to come.

  36. Anonny

    I’m also worried for the same reasons others are – a goodbye shouldn’t be so abrupt without a reason for it.

    In human words: Since you were rather passionate about blogging, something really serious happened.

    It’s serious all right – it’s the media biz. It eats
    up your tiiiiiime!

  37. Ali

    Thats a shame. I will miss the friendly banter. Good luck for the future.

  38. Ange

    Sad to see you go M, but it was good to dig the first bloggers’ scene with you and the other folks back in November 2003 when you launched the meet-ups at the time 🙂

    Have a good one with work (and I guess it must be a lot of that lately…). And hope to see you around!

    ange (formerly Strav, Stravinsky)

  39. David

    Mahmood thanks for the time you did spend on the Den. I have appreciated the view of Bahrain from you. I hope to one day go back and visit and that is due mainly to the pictures, videos and perspective I have gotten from your site.

    Good luck in the future.

  40. sleepyinsaudi

    Mahmood! My husband and I have loved your blog for years. Our favorite part is your pictures of your garden, and the birds. We fell in love with Filbert and were inspired to get our own parrot feeder for the back yard. Every time we see the parrots, we’ll think of you and your family. You should have a farewell gathering somewhere. Thanks for deciphering Bahrain for us. Good luck, and good health.

  41. Ray

    wooot ? I love this blog ! No more rants from The blogfather ! Does this have anything to do with your new toys’

  42. Sam

    You should have a farewell gathering somewhere.

    Perhaps a big get together at Mahmood’s crib?? 🙂

  43. SilverGirl

    As some have already mentioned, you’ve been an inspiration.
    Thanks for the support you gave me as a blogger.
    Good luck.


  44. Deborah

    I just found this site today. Soo sorry to see it is gone. There was a lot of good info about Bahrain here that was practical for a new person in the country. 🙁 Any one have suggestions of other sources of information?

  45. Ange

    Deborah, you could still continue to find quality info about Bahrain via the blog aggregator M set up here:


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  47. Babbling Bahrania

    It would be a shame to lose the digital infrastucture (sophisticated website design)that you’ve worked hard to build and develop. How about turning to a group blog where a few lazy bloggers can contribute once in a while?


  48. WB

    Oh my, this is really a bit sad. Mahmoud, your voice is wonderful, writing, photos and the videos are terrif. Can you be talked out of it? If so, wonderful. If not, dang.

  49. Um Naief

    I respect you. I can understand the decision. Best of luck Mahmood. Hope to see you and Frances around. 🙂 Take care.

  50. Steve the American


    So sorry to see you give up the Den but happy for you to press on with your life. Of course, we feel a bit abandoned. What could be more important than us? What!?

    However, it’s not exactly a shock, though an unwelcome surprise. Running a successful blog like yours can be a full-time job, one that may return some satisfaction but doesn’t return any bucks. It’s pretty typical for bloggers to just burn out on their blog after a while. You gave it longer than most. Way longer.

    I learned a lot here and I thank you for that. It was a wonderful window into another culture and set of ideas. I enjoyed all the back-and-forth. For me, it was just verbal wrestling, never boxing, except perhaps with Malik. Of course, it was very gratifying for everyone on the blog in the end to accept without reservation that America was right about everything, simply everything, all along, just like I said. Thank you all for acknowledging that.

    Had I never entered this blog years ago (has it been five years?), I never would have met you and your better half, which would have been my loss. I’m so glad that after you kicked me out that I was able to crawl back in the cellar window only to find you gracious enough to wearily invite me back to the dinner of ideas with you and your guests.

    Sorry to see you close the door on the blog but best of luck on your new pursuits. And closed doors can always open again.

  51. Srour Alotaibi (Kuwait)

    I’ve been reading your blog for years,learned alot ,gained alot,so thank you Mahmood..but its really hard not to read,hear or see new posts from you at least keep the friday feed……thik about it

  52. Nausher Ahmed Cholavaram

    It was nice reading you thoughts here Mehmood.
    Hope you have fun doing whatever it is you’ll being doing instead. Best of Luck.

    San Jose

  53. The Joker

    I don’t know why that Green Day song comes to mind

    “It’s something unpredictable, but in the end its right..
    I hope you had the time of your life.”

  54. Meggie

    So long Mahmood. We shall all miss you. But after your sabbatical announcement, I had a feeling this was in the offing.

    Take care, and best wishes to the family, and those four legged freeloaders of yours. And don’t forget us.

  55. Sami

    What? you’re the last one I’ve imagined that will quit blogging. I have been following your blog for couple of years, at least! Sad to see you just quitting in the half time!

    Are you running for political office? 🙂

    Good luck man!

  56. Manama Republic

    This wittiest of blogs will be sorely missed.

    Thanks Mahmood for everything. Your blog was much needed waft of fresh air in the face of much carbon emissions by mainstream outlets. Your page downloaded a slice of home whenever one is away from home. Your blog was a powerful transmission line for the cause of this island to the ears and minds of the outside world.

    As the Den turns into a gaping hole, one is reminded of an honourable tradition, of remembering past places of exquisite memories -the Atlaal, only in this case some virtual ones.

  57. Ali G

    Mahmood, Good Luck & hope your new direction could be shared to us so we can support too. One more thing,
    why you dont let someone to take care of this Blog and you be a reader (to see how your Blog was so active & intresting to us ) 🙂

    Good luck
    Ali G

  58. victoria

    Good bye Mahmood,

    All good things have to come an end sometime !!! but hopefully another open minded and eloquent reformist will rise up out of the ashes before long…

    in the meantime enjoy your blogging retirement.. 🙂

  59. Will


    You have achieved a great work in these pages. You should retire with a true sense of having made a substantial contribution to the dialogue for peace and respect.

  60. billt

    Mahmood Thanks for all the enjoyment you’ve given me over the years. I hope the future gives you as much success as the past has.

  61. Hamad Algohery

    Well mahmood you make every one sad . but this show you that your hardwork work was worth it the great love you have from all this great people. we learn from you so much and i wish gad will give this countery another great person like you to inspire other and feed them with wisdom always

    we wish you all the best .


  62. monline

    It’s not so much where you stand in life, but, in which direction you are moving!! Mahmood, never been a blog that attracted me like yours, good job!

    Be good, and hope to see ya soon,



    Mahmood if you stop writing, Bahrain will not be the same…..
    Cheer up… rest and RESTART !!


  64. boomayhew

    Hi Mahmood

    I check your blog at least once a week (live in the UK) as I was born in Bahrain in the ’60’s and my parents always said that the happiest years of their life were spent in Bahrain. They loved the culture and made some lifelong friends on the island. I love reading your views and laugh out loud at my desk quite often – you have a real talent for writing and I certainly appreciate your wit as well as your empathy and how much you care about different issues. Also enjoy looking at the pictures (especially of your dogs and Bahrain) … I will keep checking from time to time, in the hope that you might restart, inshallah. Thank you for giving me a link to my “old life” and such happy times.

    I hope that you enjoy your next venture as I don’t reckon you are a person that sits still for long!

    Margo (nickname Boo)

  65. mtmama

    Hi Mahmood. I have never commented on your blog before.
    I haven’t been here for a little while. A real life situation interfered with my web browsing.

    I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your blog for a few years and am very sorry to see you leave. BUT if you keep updating your Fliker account, at least we will be able to see your kids as they grow up to be ladies and a gentleman. I also love to see your flowers, birds and animal freinds.

    Best wishes to you and your family in the future!

    P.S. Sweet story about the kitty. I hope you keep him!
    He will keep you entertained for hours on end. He looks exactly like my Stretch, the best cat in the whole world!
    So please, more George pictures on Flicker!

  66. underthepalmtree


    Congratulations and best wishes on your future.

    You have worked hard to dedicate yourself to spreading free speech and democracy.

    You should feel nothing but proud for what you have contributed to the Bahrain, the Middle East and rhetoric between all people.

    Somehow I am sure this is NOT the last thing we thinkers will hear from you or about you.

    Your articulate ways and dedication to the cause of free speech are only one of your gifts.

    Enjoy your success, and I hope you have more time with your children as they grow up all too fast.

    Kind Regards


  67. Hasan

    We miss you Mahmood,
    I still open your page once in while hoping that you will come back like the return of superman (Return of Mahmood).

    Thanks for everything

  68. Grace

    I am very sorry to hear this Mahmood. I appreciate your efforts over the passed few years. I have learnt alot from you and through you. I know today that our country is fine because although we all think differently and vent our frustrations in different ways, we all aim for one thing. The prosperity of our country and our people.
    Thank you my friend and do stay in touch.

  69. Ali

    Thanks mahmood, really enjoyed your blogg over the past years, all the best buddy.

  70. Shiraz

    After you’ve given so much, how could we even think of asking for more? You have helped make the world a better place with your insights and wit. With a humble prayer for
    good health and happiness for you & yours – thank you.

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  72. dalal

    I dunno, I keep checking back.. just in case. I am still hoping that maybe you will change ur mind. Thank u for being our link back home 🙂 Good luck in all ur endeavors and u sure will be missed 🙂

  73. Wally in Texas

    Well, It’s been a good read! And a lot of Good reading at that. So rare in this world now’a days. You gave your all from the heart. Hope your Garden grows to be a Jungle! Wish you, and yours all the best in your future endevors. There’s nothing more to be said that the others posting here haven’t said so well already. I regret the belated good bye.

    Good Bye, take with you my Highest Regards,

  74. Aleta in California

    I will really miss this blog. I lived in Bahrain 2002-2005 and loved it, as did my kids, and your blog helped me keep in touch with Bahrain and the Gulf. Thank you so much for what you poured into the blog. We all really benefited from it, inside and outside of Bahrain.

  75. Ameera

    I will really miss your blogs Mahmood, I’ve been visiting yours’ for couple of years, I had fun, I gained alot,

    Good luck Mahmood

  76. mkbutch

    u’ll be missed mahmood,

    i hope you find the time to drop a post even if it was once a month, even if you couldnt we understand.. and wish you the very best.

    thanks for everything.

  77. Ash

    Ah, dear Mahmood. I haven’t visited for a few months and now you are gone. Your gentle wisdom and humour has seen us through some dark times, and reminded us all that behind the so-called “clash of civilisations” we are all just people. I wish you and your family well. Though an infrequent visitor of late, I shall miss you.

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  79. Mike Knight

    For the festive December season for “our lot” I wish you and yours well. For the new year – my very best wishes….



  80. white wings

    i hoe you know what difference you made in blog world and in your readers’ lives
    sad but understandable
    best of luck with future plans

  81. Alex

    Very bad news. You’ve been on my list of best bloggers. Anyway, it’s your decision which I have no reason not to appreciate. Bye.

  82. yo

    As you’ve so eloquently put it in the past, GOOD RIDDANCE!

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