Cleome spinosa

8 May, '09
Cleome spinosa

Cleome spinosa, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is an escapee. Yes it is!

I found this growing in the corner of the vegetable patch and seemed to be doing well enough. I told everyone to leave it alone (otherwise the gardener might have have pulled it out and threw it thinking it to be “kachra”!)

I noticed about a week ago that it was starting to bud, which meant that it was flowering soon and with that I might be able to identify it. I did this morning. I rooted through the collection of seed packets I planted last year and found it! It’s a Cleome spinosa aka “spider plant”.

Now that I know that it’s successful, I’ll wait for the seed pods and will plant them directly into the ground for next year.

Anyone want to exchange seeds of exotic plants?

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