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26 Jun, '09

We’re famous! Again.

So far this morning, Bahrain is mentioned 7,754 times in Google News for just one single item. Is it the discovery of a new oil field? Huge gas reserves? A Bahraini scientist discovered a cure for cancer?

Nope, unfortunately not for any of those things. It’s to do with a has-been singer and an alleged child molester who was given refuge in this here great compassionate country at one point. To repay his host’s generosity, he buggered off leaving behind debts in millions. Serves ’em right.

Bahrain's Shaikh Abdulla and Michael Jackson, courtesy of the Telegraph, UK

Bahrain's Shaikh Abdulla and Michael Jackson, courtesy of the Telegraph, UK

Och well. I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity. We should be happy. I guess we should all concentrate on how good Jackson was, I mean, for people of my generation he was an icon to be sure. We enjoyed his music which was revolutionary, some say, I don’t really know, I’m part deaf that way. But regardless, I don’t personally see his contribution to be more than momentary pleasurable auditory experiences which are soon forgotten to be replaced by another. Maybe it’s just as well that most songs are of around 3 minutes duration.

Anyway, he’s dead. In the waning interest in wars and suffering all around the world, I guess this piece of news is going to dominate the airways for a while.

What will I remember of him? Well, His touring the Seef Mall and being caught in a burka – of all things – shopping in Marina Mall, the lowest class mall in Bahrain.


Michael Jackson in Bahrain in a burka shot exiting the Marina Mall in the capital Manama

(edit: Google News reports about Bahrain has increased to 19,129 on 27 June!)

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  1. coolred38 says:

    Come on Mahmood…death is a great leveler…regardless of what he did or didnt do in his life…he is dead now.

    You have to admit…his music has been around long after others have fallen by the way side…that has to count for something.

    Not to mention he obviously had some demons he was struggling with…and not very well by the look of him and his life…we should have pity for a man that was born black but died unrecognizable…he obviously had some deep seated issues and for that we should express empathy or sympathy.

    • mahmood says:

      Sorry coolred, I can’t sympathise with child molesters.

      • Anonny says:

        _Alleged_ child molesters 😉

        Honestly thought, I woke up this morning, and my facebook page was full of people eulogizing -badly. Oh god.

        • coolred38 says:

          Innocent until proven guilty…acquited of all charges…so we will never know for sure. Im not defending his possible actions…Im the last to do so considering my own husband was a pedophile…with proof…but as human beings we should give benefit of the doubt…until all doubt is gone.

          • mahmood says:

            Fair point.

            Still, I find it hard to give him any benefit of doubt when he had to settle out of court for a reported $25m.

  2. Mike says:

    How ironic that a child molester choose a middle eastern nation to chill out in.

  3. Steve the American says:

    It occurs to me that most rock superstars live unhappy lives and die tawdry deaths. That’s why I decided against becoming one. Maybe being rich and famous and admired is not the ultimate in human happiness. Maybe having good friends and family and enough money to pay the bills is the best it gets.

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