“My Garden” FAIL

14 Nov, '09

It pisses me off when shop clerks think that they become salesmen simply because they carry big-ass calculators to calculate “special discounts” for prospects walking into their store.

What, does it say “mug” on my forehead?

Does respect for you or your shop happen automatically because your moronic employers actually gave you a job even though you’re most probably sludge at the bottom of a barrel from wherever the hell you come from?

So I actually wait to go into the so called garden furniture shop in Tubli, wasting 160 fils granted to Batelco to get the only published number for their shop which I find is connected to a fax machine! I wait to go into their shop with the full intention to buy some furniture – yes, I know you guessed it – for my garden. I spy some pieces which might be worth investigating in the window previously so I stop by on the way home from a fantastic lunch with the family, I even ask my wife to join me so we can quickly make a decision, plonk the cash and wait for the pieces to be delivered.

I browse while I await my wife’s arrival and I spy a teak bench exactly the same as one I already own which has become a favourite of ours. We bought it about 3 years or so ago from Manazil for BD160 and we have been searching for another to make a pair ever since. Unfortunately Manazil ran out at that time. I look at the marked price and get surprised. The label says BD400! I ask my maid – who was with me at the time – to confirm that it’s the same bench and she does. I tell the wannabe salesman that we bought the very same item for BD160 three years ago and he calls me a liar!

The stupid bastard insists that my bench is NOT teak and if it were there is no way that I would have bought it for BD160. I explain to him that my maid confirms its the same. Nope, he’s having none of it. I keep my cool and walk around the shop.

I notice that everything they have has an inflated price tag, doubtlessly awaiting deft digits – albeit belonging to single-celled organisms – to tap out “I can only give you a maximum of 15% discount” on the big-ass calculator. Nevertheless, I notice two possible sets which would fit nicely where I intended them for.

My wife arrives and notices the kidney-shaped teak bench. She too comments that it’s exactly the same as the one we have! She gets excited thinking that we should get it. I point out to the moron that my wife is the third person to confirm our happy acquisition but to him, she’s a liar too! In his single-celled brain, it does not compute that another shop in Bahrain could possibly have sold this priceless gem of his!

I’ve had enough. I tell him that I don’t care much for the price. I wasn’t shopping for a discount particularly, but I could not help wondering that if its price is inflated by more than double what we originally paid – even taking inflation into consideration – then I worry that everything in his shop must have undergone the same treatment; hence, the ready use of the big-ass calculators. Nope, it doesn’t compute either. So, I volunteer, in no uncertain terms, to shove his bench into his smelly orifice, tell him that he lost a customer with the intention to spend considerably more than that bench was worth, and walk out. Never to return to such an establishment.

I think I’ll simply buy my garden furniture on the Internet and ship them across where I am relatively sure that that operation will afford me better prices, bigger selection, less morons to deal with and less shady cowboy outfits such as “My Garden”.

No wonder I almost never see a car parked in front of that moron depo on the Tubli Bay road. Maybe, just maybe, the real moron owning that place will wake up one day and pay attention to the damage “their people” are doing to their reputation.

But I won’t hold my breath.

“My Garden” should be proud of something else to put up on their empty mantle piece though, they should now collectively be proud to be the official TWITBTHIFD holders for the time being.

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  1. FYI says:

    i almost bought simple wood benches with cast iron frame from them for 140bd, but then went to jassim and got the same bench for 30bd. and the place looks old and dirty with their crappy astroturf.

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