Bahraini Views – Raoof Hujairi – Unearthing Opportunities

21 Nov, '09

Not getting the responses he required, Abdulraoof Hujairi chose to do it his way. A serial entrepreneur by nature, he finally started a business providing civil works services which he found very rewarding, and more importantly founded this enterprise – Serendipity Civil Works – to be a catalyst for much bigger projects in his pipeline.

Listen to his story, his ups and downs, his philosophy and where he ultimately wants to do in this Bahraini Views interview.

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  1. new_to_this_blog says:

    Hi, at first I though he – Raouf – is much like everybody else, then I noticed how different he is, i noticed the sparkel in his eyes and i dont think it was the filming lights ! he looks and sounds like he’s got game !

    good luck for all .


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