Vlog: Shawarma, Bahrain’s favourite food

4 Dec, '09

My son Arif decided to get some shawarmas and go meet some of his friends. He wanted to get them from Shawarma Xpress, a new true-blue Bahraini franchise. I thought I’d get some for our lunch too as this is the very first time that I had a shawarma from this place.

As we waited I was intrigued by the non-standard (ie, professional) way they prepared the wraps, so I thought I’d film the experience and share it with you all.

You have my new iPhone 3Gs to thank for its availability! 😉

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  1. Hasan says:

    How much did you eat Mahmood, you finished the whole chicken shawarma thing they had.. they had to put a new one =P

  2. MBC says:

    Avoid Sitra mall branch or you shall hate Shawarma Xpress for ever.

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