Bloody rain.

6 Dec, '09

rainDamn rain.

It almost didn’t stop today since the afternoon. A lot more rain than we’re usually used to. I even commented how I loved it and became romantic with the smell of rain on fresh ground and all that baloney… well NO MORE!

I came home to the sound of drip-dripping from the central air conditioning vent in my study, so I thought it’s rain-soaked AC unit and it needed looked into, especially that the downstairs AC circuit breaker tripped. Didn’t think much else of the situation, maintenance are going to fix it tomorrow.

A few minutes after I sat down to relax I heard another drip-dripping sound, but not from the same area. I find some drops on the back of the sofa! Looking up I see a bloody straight line in the ceiling! What the hell? That could NOT be the AC, no way! It took me a second to realise that it might be a flooded toiled in the room directly above so we ran upstairs to find the room’s floor absolutely flooded! We couldn’t find the source as the flood which did reach the bathroom upstairs didn’t have any patterns of leaking pipes. We investigated further to find that the water has breached through from the attached balcony! The bloody drains of that balcony was blocked and backed up!

Can you believe this stuff?

Arif and I ran downstairs and into the garden. Arif found were the drain outlet was, I opened the box’s plastic cover to find it completely packed with soil! We spent close to 10 minutes digging the box out and finally clearing the drain which was not only packed with sand and soil, but also with roots of nearby plants. Using various tools including a flexible metal rod, Arif managed to clear the blockage. Once that was done, the water came gushing out!

Fortunately not much damage has happened to the upstairs room, but I have no idea how the study will fair. I will wait for a couple of days and see if either the ceiling will need simply repainting, or completely ripped up and changed.

I shudder to think.

The moral of the story? Keep your bloody drains OPEN and FREE.

Bloody rain!

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  1. Hani says:

    We had rain all night last night and the day started dark and depressing. Then it all cleared and the sun went from off to ON. Almost like someone forgot to flick the switch on the sun.

    Cold and sunny. My favourite kind of winter day!

  2. reem says:

    mahmood! nice to see you’re back! 🙂

    i can go back into my old routine of checking your blog before starting any work! 🙂

    moda mall is also got about 6 or 7 leaks… and those were just the ones on my way to the office!

  3. Anonny says:

    Between the office door and my car was a huge puddle. I had to take off my footwear and roll up my trousers to get to my car. It was fun, actually. I’ve never hated rain as much as other people.

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