Bahraini Views – Sayed Sharaf Hashim – Methodical Steps

16 Dec, '09

I really enjoyed interviewing Sayed Sharaf, a soft spoken unassuming man who started his journey while working at a local elevator distributor as a fabricator since he left technical school. A couple of years later, at the behest of one of his work colleagues he started his business journey by establishing a small workshop near his home in Sitra.

At that workshop, he recognised a niche in the market – stainless steel fabrication and welding – he hired an experienced fabricator, actually started paying him more that he used to get as a salary at his own job, and, well the rest is history.

It’s worth noting that he started his workshop a mere 9 years ago with one employee. He now owns a group of companies employing 50 people catering for mechanical works, carpentry, interior design, building material supply and other related businesses.

I hope you enjoy watching his episode. Do let me know your feedback please, I would love to hear back from you.

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  1. Fuad AlAali says:

    Whats the wealth of a nation? its certainly not oil. The folks of Bahrain are an epitome of what real national wealth is.

    Bahrain is truly blessed with some of the hardest and smartest people around. Thank you for showcasing this.

    • mahmood says:

      Thank you Fuad. I appreciate your support. This has not been an easy project, nor was it ever meant to be. Just gaining people’s trust to sit them in front of a camera and then talking about their experiences has been a challenge, but one that I truly love.

      If you, or anyone reading this, knows of anyone who could be featured, please do let me know.

  2. Fuad AlAali says:

    I would do it, but I am way too far away from Bahrain. Keep up the good work because there are young people who are watching these and saying I can do this too.

    I wish you would find people who would talk about addiction. May they be addicts or family members that can talk about addictions and its effects on an addict has bis family. In my opinion it would be an amazing public service.

    If you are NY I would be happy to sit in front of your camera.
    Yours truly. Fuad

  3. exclamation mark says:

    People of Bahrain do have alot of potential

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