Another 1st for Dubai

4 Jan, '10

Financial crisis or not, Dubai continues to enthral the world with the tallest this, and biggest that, probably gaining exclusivity on a lot of the world records, especially when it comes to buildings.

Today, 4 Jan 2010 it will take over the following list of world records because it is officially inaugurating Burj Dubai:

  • Tallest skyscraper to top of spire: 688 m (2,257 ft) (previously Taipei 101 – 509.2 m (1,671 ft))
  • Tallest skyscraper to top of roof: 688 m (2,257 ft) (previously Taipei 101 – 449.2 m (1,474 ft) )
  • Tallest skyscraper to top of antenna: 688 m (2,257 ft) (previously the Willis Tower – 529 m (1,736 ft))
  • Tallest structure ever built: 818 m (2,684 ft) (previously Warsaw radio mast – 646.38 m (2,121 ft))
  • Tallest structure: 818 m (2,684 ft) (previously KVLY-TV mast – 628.8 m (2,063 ft))
  • Tallest freestanding structure: 818 m (2,684 ft) (previously CN Tower – 553.3 m (1,815 ft))
  • Building with most floors: 160 (previously both 1 & 2 World Trade Center – 110)
  • World’s highest elevator installation
  • Worlds fastest elevators at speed of 64 km/h (40 mph) or 18 m/s (59 ft/s)
  • [24] (previously Taipei 101 – 16.83 m/s)

  • Highest vertical concrete pumping (for a building): 605 m (1,985 ft)
  • (previously Taipei 101 – 449.2 m (1,474 ft))

  • Highest vertical concrete pumping (for any construction): 605 m (1,985 ft)
  • The first world’s tallest structure in history to include residential space
  • Highest outdoor observation deck in the world
  • Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world
  • Tallest service elevator in the world
  • Worlds highest installation of an aluminium and glass façade, at a height of 512 metres

Congratulations Dubai. I look forward to getting to the observation deck and seeing Bahrain from that height!

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  1. Shaker N Cutty says:

    It is great to see Dubai taking concrete steps to address their economic problems. The Grand Opening of this unfinished Tower will send a strong message to their Creditors and instil confidence in the Dubai Model once again. So much for all the doomsayers and bursting bubbles. I’m sure that from tomorrow, Investors will start pumping in money to build more buildings in Dubai and we will see yet another boom in this region. Boom Boom Pow…

  2. Solomon2 says:

    “seeing Bahrain from that height”? Why, you can practically see Britain from that height!

  3. Abdulrahman Al Sayed says:

    Burj Dubai has been transformed to “Burj Khalifa”………

    Politics my freinds, you need to know the exact political view towards it

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