Dead Goats

24 Feb, '10

Oooh look! Some dogs attacked and killed EIGHT goats in some farm in Sitra!

This is sucha a newsworthy article that it deserves to be on the front page. And why the hell is it below the fold? Don’t the editors care about animals enough to put it above the fold? What? Al-Wefaq’s latest spat and the government’s concerted threats against erring political societies for “insulting families and personages” more important than this?

It can’t be.

I’m really glad that our illustrious parliament is looking into a new, modern and capable Press & Publications Law which not only jails journalists for their troubles, but goes further and inculcate a new sub-paragraph to hang them!a

What’s this world coming to, I say. Bloody Al-Wasat – neighbours though you are – you should have more self respect than this. Put the dead goat story above the fold. Scape-goats; however, don’t deserve to be on the front page at all.

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  1. Native Citizen says:

    Alwasat is another government propoganda outlet and its standards have just dropped way below expectations. Its editorials cover issues that might as well be on another planet. Mansoor Aljamri’s opinions quite frankly carry no weight and his fear on treading on people’s toes makes his articles poor reading. Reem Khalifa has nothing better to write about than how offended she is about Asian migrant’s chewing gum mastication habits. She thinks this is so bad it needs that we need a national campaign cos there really isnt any other issue worthy in Bahrain. Qassim Hussain poor guy is still trying his best all credit to him despite the grind.
    The rest of the pages churn round the usual government press releases without even basic commentary or editing.

    But to be fair if we have 8 manic dogs rampaging through the country blood sucking everything in site, then we should be slightly worried, should we not?

  2. mahmood says:

    Even if those were vampire dogs hell-bent on bovine destruction, it shouldn’t warrant a front-page appearance; let alone a front page AND a follow-up inside too!

    As to the descent of journalistic standards in Al-Wasat, well, I’ll reserve judgement but to say that it’s still better than the other offering when it comes to news. As to columnists, I follow several from across the spectrum but am beholden to none… well, none other than Abdulhadi Khalaf whom I really hope that he would re-appear again. His columns were always thought provoking.

  3. Anonny says:

    “vampire dogs hell-bent on bovine destruction”

    Where are headlines like these when we need them?

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