Arif’s Nirvana

6 Apr, '10
Arif's Nirvana

Arif’s Nirvana, originally uploaded by malyousif.

About to enter his version of Nirvana… Apple’s 5th Avenue Store in Manhattan, NY.

We of course picked up a couple of lovely iPads and have been playing with them ever since!

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  1. Hani says:

    Congrats. I hate you both.

    Here’s something for your new toy:

  2. Arif says:

    Hahaha pwned 😛

  3. Ali Araj says:

    Oh shut up! Sorry Ma but I can’t take it anymore. I need an iPad right this moment 🙂

    • mahmood says:

      get on an airplane and come over, we might even catch you before we leave!

      believe me, it’s so worth it 😉

  4. Steve the American says:


    That’s the Apple store that the crazies were calling the Apple Mecca, trying to whip up anger at America for building it’s own Kaaba:

    • mahmood says:

      That should be okay if you do actually, as some of us – supposedly a learned cleric from Saudi – wants to tear ours down and rebuild it in a more Islamically correct way; to ensure the separation of the genders no less!

    • Ali Araj says:

      I have a better suggestion for you! Buy me an ipad and I will receive you at the Heathrow airport in your way back to Bahrain. And should you decide to stopover for a night at London then (in a Bahrani style): My house is yours!

  5. jamal says:

    Envy envy envy!!!!!

    Beautiful place. Enjoy!

  6. Matthew says:

    I’d love to see a review of the iPad because I’m not sold on them right now

  7. Name juliyya says:

    Charlie Rose interviewed Walt Mosberg of the WSJ and David Carr on April 2nd for the whole hour on the iPad. Video is available at Charlie’s www dotcom. It’s even good for the non-techie.

  8. Anonny says:

    After these days of playing … how is the iPad, Mahmood?

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