The Art of Success

23 Apr, '10

In this, the last episode of the Bahraini Views series for this season, Nawal Al-Sabbagh takes the seat to talk about her experience in business and how, even after she has lost everything when a partnership failed, she picked up the pieces and started again to create another very well known and successful business.

How did she restart? She turned to her passion for art and launched an art exhibit containing her own paintings. Riding on the sales achieved through that exhibition, she relaunched her business career and started Nawal Flowers, now one of the most successful florists and chocolatier in Bahrain.

Nawal doesn’t come from a trading background. Her family – she says – are really more for being employees rather than employers. What made her tick then and what got her to win the top prize in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s prize, competing against 120 veritable entries from all over the Middle East?

Watch the episode and come to your own conclusions!

I so look forward to the next season and hope that you’ve enjoyed and benefited from the 26 episodes and the initiative I created with the Economic Development Board who have been courageous enough to back such an endeavour.

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