Google Maps guide to hookers in Bahrain

31 May, '10

Okay, nothing better to do this afternoon so started cruising to find out the dark things about my country. The inspiration for this is our MPs of course. And if Google Maps is to be believed (TripAdviser as well), then we’re in a bit of a bind.

This, for instance, is the result of a Google Maps search with the terms “hookers prostitutes bahrain“:

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Notice that most of the well known 3 star are not only listed, but real experiences from unimpressed visitors is also noted?

It’s a shame really. This sort of thing should either be legalised and restricted to a certain zone as it has been for decades in Bahrain, or cleaned up. This is doing us no good at all. No wonder we’re ranked the Number 8 Sin City in the world. 1

An interesting side note is that if you entered “hookers saudi” or “hookers kuwait” you STILL get Bahrain and this particular map displayed with appropriate tags and even more stories!

note, although the MPs and some traditional media ran with this story that I published first, there is really no credence whatsoever in this ranking as the methodology used is not only unscientific, but complete crap.
Update 29 July 2012: for some reason, when you now search for “hookers in bahrain” the map is wiped pretty clean, someone was at work! But when you search for “prostitute”

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  1. Michael says:

    I typed in ‘Prostitutes in Bahrain’ and got even more results than ‘Hookers in Bahrain’

  2. Ahsen says:

    This hooker thing is sick.Spreading viruses which no antivirus can stop.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I am appalled at the lack of morals and class, even though I am from Vegas. These “girls” need to find a respectable job and stop spreading their nasty diseases! I am considered “hot” in the states, but would never lower my standards and self-esteem to force myself on men to exchange sex for money. The Navy base is a disgrace; the military is restricted from this activity as it is illegal and immoral, yet the chain of command looks the other way! Disgusting!!!

  4. Anonny says:

    “I am appalled at the lack of morals and class, even though I am from Vegas.”


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