This is my Bahrain – a music mix

20 Jun, '10

A couple of days ago, a young Bahraini contacted me with information that he used one of my videos for his music. I was thrilled and not a little surprised that someone found it worthwhile to use and was eager to have a look. That effort, my friends, is represented here:

Many thanks to RiXifyed Inc for this beautiful and poignant mix. I hope we’ll here much more from him soon.

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  1. Bu Yousef says:


    Side note: One of the nicest things I’ve seen for some time is the fantastic photo of the Bahrain flag (two hands) featured in this video. Love it.

    • mahmood says:

      I know, it’s very innovative. It’s Batelco’s emblem. Don’t know who the creative agency or the guy behind the idea is. Must find out.

  2. Gorgeous video! I love it. Great music too.

  3. Larry Butler says:

    The stare of the man in minute 4 looks right through me. He can see into your soul.

    Beautiful video, of course from the master.

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