Al-Mubtakar, a Bahraini explosive device destined for NY

23 Jun, '10

No sooner than publishing Faisal Shahzad, yet another dimwit falls for it, I came across this:

Eleven plots against NYC disrupted since Sept. 11

* 2003 – Five Bahraini men were arrested on the border between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. An investigation uncovered a plan on a computer to detonate an explosive device on the New York City subway system that would emit poisonous gas. The device was called the “mubtakkar.”

Get this: mubtakar means “innovative” in Arabic. Might as well slap a “Made in Bahrain” tag on it and franchise it. They say that Pakistan and Afghanistan is a ready market for distribution.

Whatever happened to those five “men” I wonder? Anyone knows?

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  1. Steve the American says:

    The mubtakar was intended to dispense cyanide on the New York subway, a plot uncovered after the fact by interrogation of captured Al Qaeda in Guantanamo. The plan was in motion, about a month or so from execution, when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed called it off for reasons still unknown. However, it was called off at a time when the US was pressing Al Qaeda hard, whittling away at its leadership. Perhaps KSM thought better of further antagonizing the Great Satan.

  2. Bu Yousef says:

    They obviously couldn’t call it ‘bid3a’…

    • mahmood says:

      very apt! 😀

      • sleepyinsaudi says:

        Please translate?

        • mahmood says:

          That word: “Bid’ah” could be translated as:

          1. Heresy – if associated in a religious sense
          2. A Fad, or
          3. A Novelty
          4. or even A creative method/modern method

          So now you see why Bu Yousef chose this particular Arab word to describe the “Mubtakar” which could very well be yet another translation!

          Don’t blame me, it’s the Arabic language that you should have beef with! 😉

  3. Joker says:

    I’ll tell you what probably happened to them. They were told they made a boo boo when Ma’awda and Saeedi intervened and thought the best way to manage the situation is to get them married in a mass ceremony to get their mind off their new toy and forget all about it.

    Under the same law a 13 year old burning a tire is looking at 25 years

  4. Ron Suskind’s book “The One Percent Doctrine” which delved into the paranoid delusions of Dick Cheney that became official US government policy (very Cold War like really, ironically for a bunch of bonehead losers in an administration that claimed they were the post-Cold War vanguard of America), talked a fair amount about this thing. The top levels of American foreign policy apparently were giving themselves wedgies for months on end worried that somebody was gonna drop this supposed device in Grand Central in New York. Our buddy Steve the American up there apparently personally interrogated guys in gitmo to get the real story that no one else could. Of course the simple reality is that nothing ever happened, but we’ve continued to torture, missile, and otherwise slaughter people like sheep across the Middle East just like we did in Cold War days (try reading declassified docs from CIA exploits in Indonesia, Burma, Laos, Angola or any number of other places at the height of the cold war), producing an ever growing number of pissed off fringe lunatics who might one day pull off an aum shinrikyo subway attack or similar. The death of a few people in such a bit of blowback would of course then be used to justify even more slaughter of innocents across the Middle East by the US imperial death machine. But I digress, somebody in the tea party is probably reading this right now and screaming “love it or leave it” at their computer screen even as they wipe their bums with the constitution that they claim they’re defending.

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