Ministry of Information no more?

According to this, it looks like the good lady has had her way.

The Ministry of Information & Culture neé Ministry of Information has now transformed into the Ministry of Culture with the information part devolved into an authority under the leadership of Shaikh Fawaz Al-Khalifa, the ex president of GOYS. Shaikh Fawaz will also inherit the main departments of the erstwhile MoI: Radio & TV, Artistic affairs (?), Foreign Press, the Bahrain News Agency and Press & Publications subdivided under new sections headed by assigned director generals. Although not named yet, if these DGs are the old undersecretaries (who effectively ran the ministry) then we can safely say that no real change will be forthcoming. Sites will remain to be blocked and the freedom of information will continue to be at their whims.

But, let’s wait a few weeks to find out how the chips will fall in that erstwhile ministry.

Another thing which will be closely watched by those inside and outside BRTC; however, is what will happen to those very highly paid Lebanese “experts” who were inducted in droves by Shaikha Mai Al-Khalifa at the complete chagrin of everyone there. Will they remain in their vaulted towers to continue to dictate how “the locals” run their affairs by forcing in obsolete and expensive methods and incomprehensible technologies at odds with the broadcasting world norms, or will they, like her excellency be given the boot?


  1. Suhail Algosaibi

    I don’t think she’s been given the boot. The ministry was divided, which is done from time to time. But I’ve heard this Lebanese thing a lot, let’s wait and see what happens.

    1. Post

      Let’s wait and see. As no policy nor strategy were declared as far as the Information section is concerned. It reads now that they’ve given up on it, doesn’t it, and that Mai is more interested in Culture (which she is demonstrably excellent at) than Information. I can’t say that I don’t agree with her. “Ministries” of Information are so old hat in this day and age, and having a complete government organ like that simply to monitor and attempt to be the exclusive gateway to information has been proven to be a failed strategy.

    1. Post
  2. Ms Anon

    What a joke. What exactly does the MOIC do apart from monitor and suppress information that is critical of AKs and their unelected regime?

    Does the MOIC have a regulatory role to play here? Where is our film industry? Where is our broadcast, TV, radio industries?

    They’re non-existent!

  3. Geg

    Luke: Sure they know as far as agenda is concerned, but they now added the word ‘art’ within the affairs and this has absolutely no bearing, significance or perception within to this agenda, so I stick by it.

  4. Ali J

    I think they should have called it Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

    The Bahrain Broadcasting Authority has a certain syntax and gravitas to go with it and you can imagine the presenter in impeccable English with a deep voice Oxford accent saying.. ” This (pause) is the BBA. ( Roll out Monty python music and then …. exchanges of cables congrats and the like plus a few Zionist transgressions and then ….some news?

    I’m sorry but you have to laugh, the Bahrain Radio and TV are the worst window this country has making this beautiful island and its happy family population into a laughing stock throughout the region.Its hospital radio and community free tv at best.

    Changing the structure is not going to improve it unless we get some European Professionals in who know what the standards are and are professional enough not to compromise their own reputations by doing things third world and on the cheap.

    Anyhow Shk Fawaz needs all the luck he can muster as for sure this is a poison chalice.

    Would he bring back Hopkins I wonder?

    1. Post

      You could be right. On top of that, those on top need to not meddle and have an open mind to the changes suggested.

      Alternatively, a better solution might be just opening up the airwaves for private investment without the completely unreasonable restrictions placed on such possibilities now.

      1. Steve the American

        There lies the answer. Look at history for the answer.

        In the countries developed by the British, the agency of development were joint stock companies, ie corporations, organized for profit. Such companies created rules that allowed entrepreneurs to easily establish businesses and pursue opportunities.

        The Spanish, by contrast, were more interested in the king getting his Royal Fifth off the top of any enterprise. So a mass of rules was imposed to control any business so that the elites would profit first.

        The British method established colonies with a prosperous middle class, which became rich countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore. The Spanish method established colonies featuring poor business development with a small class of elite families riding the backs of the impoverished masses, as in South America.

        Private investment creates wealth more efficiently than centralized control of the economy. All those foolish regulations form a dam preventing individual initiative and capital from building the natural wealth of a country.

  5. BahrainBlog

    I think that she’s excellent in culture but for sure not the Ministry of Information! everything went mad the first day she took the job and I assure you guys that many thinks got messed up during her era in the Ministry…

  6. Shame on you

    A word about heart Mahmood , fill your heart with love and you will be be better why are you talking about minister of information decsion to hire lebanes what is wrong with it ??? they are arab like us , muslims why you are angery about it ? you didnt see the thousands of non muslims indians controling your countery ? you only see the very little lebanese working in ministery of information ? shame on you

    1. Post

      Oooh goody!

      Please come back once your head is out of your ass. I am just dying to have an intelligent conversation with you.

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