If you had one wish…

29 Jul, '10

I think that if I were on my death bed, I would regret the opportunities I wasted in my life. I’m sure that you probably can relate to that too. Yes, hind-sight is very powerful to be sure, but sometimes when you are told that an opportunity will come knocking, and knocking hard and please take the time to prepare yourself to take advantage of that opportunity, there is really no one to blame for that wasted chance other than yourself.

I’m not a mind reader, but one hopes that Shaikh Muhsin Al-Asfoor is reflecting on that, at least I hope that he is if he’s not still full of himself for shaking the Royal Hand and using his great oratorial skills in front of His Majesty the King, who took the time to visit His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed Al-Asfoor in the village of Boori near A’ali. The event is given some importance in Al-Wasat this morning, while the GDN just glosses over it for some good reason I’m sure.

Al-Wasat reports that while at Al-Asfoor’s majlis, Shaikh Muhsin Al-Asfoor did the traditional welcome speech. In between the sugary plaudits, Al-Asfoor Jr. requested that the King release those apprehended at the moment serving time for killing the Pakistani in Ma’ameer and bundled with the Royal Pardon request are the others incarcerated for burning tyres or hurling rocks etc.

That’s it?

He gets one wish and this is what he uses it for?

I’m happy that he didn’t find Aladdin’s lamp, otherwise the Genie would be rolling in it laughing himself silly! He would be – rightly I guess – be laughing at this infantile request and thinking to himself that with the plethora of issues troubling this country (the Bandar Fiasco, over 100 square kilometers of land misappropriated, gerrymandering, sectarianism, corruption, blood curdling environmental disasters, nepotism, a warped balance of power, imbecilic parliament – both chambers, improper naturalisation and demographic change attempts and their accompanying problems, and oh yes, the disputed Constitution, this respected turbaned gentleman has an opportunity to deliver a prepared speech in front of His Majesty detailing demands… and he requests the release of exploited and gullible kids!


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