Indications of a pending election

30 Jul, '10
  • The GDN goes into an unstoppable tizz reporting Good News™ and how excellent the government is at serving its people
  • Al-Wasat reports Bad News™ and shows how bad the government is at serving it’s people’s needs
  • Al-Ayam, Al-Bilad and of course Akhbar Al-Khaleej try to negate columns appearing in Al-Wasat
  • While Al-Watan continues to stoke sectarian fires and sides with the ruling regime and the bearded ones with no regard to where they are nor the consequences of their actions
  • The Bahrain Tribune, well, it’s in a world of its own with a completely dysfunctional website

The PM casting his vote

Of course in all the Arabic press, pages upon pages are dedicated to pundits and wannabe pundits in the opposition all salivating at the mouth to share their “wisdom” and spew the failures of government while the pro-government pundits do their thing too.

but above all…

  • The Royal and Princely visits suddenly increase in frequency to areas no one dreams of seeing them at! Visits are also coupled with promises of immediate relief to housing, health and the acceleration of other popular public demands

To top all of these, there appears to be a new “Elections TV Channel” about to be launched around mid-August (government funded of course) to, well, “increase the political awareness of citizens”, that together with the obfuscated site, should provide some comic relief at these sweltering times.

But it is at times like these that I truly miss Al-Waqt. It wasn’t perfect, but to me, it was much better than the crop of crap we’ve got now.

Bring it on! This almost (but not quite) make me regret leaving for a holiday at this most interesting time!

Are there any other indicators you’ve noticed this year?

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  1. Nhusain says:

    Good news. Municipal elections have been open to expats who own property. They should open the parliamentary elections to them as well. Also according to gdn some expats are concerned that information is only available in Arabic etc. To them I suggest they get some local Arabic speakers to help them out! Again a great progressive move by the government.

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