Money can’t buy class

9 Aug, '10

I don’t particularly care how rich Royal families are or get, and I’ll reserve my own personal views on their legitimacy and that of the cash they clamped their dirty mitts on, but doing this sort of thing:

An Emirati boy racer outside Harrods in London

“Dozens of these cars do laps around Knightsbridge right through the night and the excitement for the drivers seems to be seeing how loud they can rev their engines. The area is fast becoming a very unpleasant place to live.”

The influx of super cars coincides with the so-called “season” when many members of Middle Eastern high society visit London in July and August.

Hisham Alireza, 40, a Saudi Arabian construction company owner who visits his second home in Basil Street, adjacent to Harrods, each summer, said most of those driving the cars are from wealthy Arab families.

He said: “Most come from Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Frankly, those of us who have homes in this area are appalled and embarrassed by their behaviour and want to see it stopped.

“The problem is that they come from very closed societies where the men and women are not allowed to mix, so when they come to London in the summer, they go wild. It is a sort of courting ritual.

“Since the Qataris bought Harrods, it has become a fashionable place for them all to meet and show off their toys.”

The Telegraph, UK · hat tip: @JustAmira

is disgusting and shameful.

But then, we have an old local Arab saying:

الحيا نقطة، اذا طاحت…

Which roughly translates to “Shame is but a simple dot, if it falls, then there is no stopping that person from doing even worse deeds“.

There is another saying, maybe as appropriate for this situation:

من أمن العقاب، أساء الأدب

Translating to: “if one is assured that there will be no punishment or consequence to their actions, will forget social manners

It looks like our rich compatriots have not only over extended their welcome, but have completely and utterly forgotten their manners!

But will their families even care? Of course not. To their way of thinking, they are way above the law. In fact, they are particularly chosen by Allah to be in that position, so how can they be wrong?

What a bunch of Royal pains in the ass!

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  1. BuJassim says:

    Ever wondered why Arab supercars in London carry Arabic number plates even though they’ve adopted English numerals back home?

  2. Anonny says:

    Where are all my comments going?

    • mahmood says:

      no idea! checked the spam queue but only one was held for another commentator but nothing of yours! sorry about that, maybe the machine got hungry for some reason!

      can you resubmit please?

  3. Anonny says:

    It was a link to the Independent online newspaper. Two Khaleejis racing around Knightsbridge crashed a supercar and damaged 4 other cars. The followup up article from next day is here:

    “Two men from the United Arab Emirates were arrested after a supercar span out of control and crashed into four other vehicles, police in central London said.

    Abdulla Saeed Khalfan al- Dhaheri, 28, and Sultan Khalifa al-Muhairbi, 35, were held after the smash on Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge, where residents have complained about night-time car racing. It emerged yesterday that the car involved was a new £180,000 Lamborghini on loan from the Italian car maker to a client. No one was injured in the crash in the early hours of 25 July.

    In a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court on 3 August, Mr Dhaheri was charged with perverting the course of justice and Mr Muhairbi with dangerous driving. Both are due to appear again on 12 October.”

  4. Don Cox says:

    Does everyone behave badly when they go abroad?

    British holidaymakers are notorious for their bad behavior.

    • mahmood says:

      I’m sure they do, and when they do, they should be made to pay the price, until they learn to enjoy their holidays within the limitations of the country’s laws.

  5. Anonny says:

    They were 28 and 35 years old respectively.

    I could understand an 18- and a 25- year old, if they were under the influence or something ..

    But .. 28 and 35?

    Arrested development much?

    • mahmood says:

      Well, growing up requires the acceptance of responsibilities.

      That, my friend, is an alien concept if you have no care in the world and never, ever, have to worry about feeding your family and sending your children to a good school.

  6. Touhid says:

    To be honest,Brits dont obey the law in Dubai either. Also, the 2 Emiratis didnt injure anyone. If I was British I would gladly accept such accidents in return for the millions of pounds brought by such tourists.
    Then again, the Brits maybe jealous they cant drive as well as Emiratis !

    • mahmood says:

      You might. I and I suspect many Britons will most fervently object to these antics.

      You also seem to forget that the UK is actually richer than the UAE, by far, so I suspect that it won’t miss the “millions of pounds” much. They would probably tell the Emiratis to stuff their millions where the sun don’t shine for all they care.

  7. Anonny says:

    You’re obviously not British are you, Touhid. If you were, you’d know that it’s the law-abiding and considerate aspects of British Society that have built it up and made it somewhere that such tourists want to visit.

    And as for being able to drive as well as Emiratis? What on Earth are you talking about? I hope you are being sarcastic.

  8. Anonny says:

    Touhid, may I ask where you are from?

  9. BuJassim says:

    @Touhid There is a strong contrast between endangering lives through reckless driving vs. giving your girlfriend a kiss without a valid marriage licence

  10. Abu Sinan says:


    We have a very similar issue here in Northern Virginia. There is a mall here called “Tyson’s Corner” and it is a magnet for the Khaliji visitors to the area, complete with the very expensive cars and young men with blaring music.

    Sometimes walking in the mall you wonder if you are in Virginia or some mall in Dubai or Riyadh.

    Head to Georgetown here on the weekends and you can see the young Khaliji guys cruising the area as well. They will even toss pieces of paper into vehicles with their phone numbers. I know one lady here who had a Saudi guy toss a cell phone into her Jeep and then call her on it wanting to come pick it up.

    Happy Ramadan!

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