Sorry, you want me to vote for one of these?

20 Aug, '10

Are you kidding me?

And you want me to actually take the time to cast my vote?

No thanks.

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  1. I honestly thought at first glance it was one of those Saudi Al Qaeda most wanted lists!

  2. Anonny says:

    I’m sure none of these guys believe in Darwin’s theory. But they advertise it so effectively.

  3. Kiwi Nomad says:

    I’m not sure about evolution… more devolution if you ask me!

  4. Anonny says:

    Who compiled this image? I notice all the Turbans are confined to one .. uhh .. bloc.

    • mahmood says:

      Got it as two PDF pages in an email. I combined both into a single image without further editing. So your guess is as good as mine.

  5. diva says:

    such handsome peeps… gonna be difficult to pick!

  6. REEM says:


    I actually interacted with one of them on a project… and let’s just say I wasn’t impressed on the simplest levels…!
    To see him here is baffling!!

    not that it really matters, i’m not voting this year… maybe .. just maybe if they each trimmed their beard… i’d consider voting…

  7. Ali says:

    Well then stand for parliament then. That is how democracy works. I hope this time more people stand so that voters get a real choice.

  8. Annonymous (preferrably) says:

    Damn! These are a hot bunch! Those beards give us “something to hang on to!!” What is a woman to do?! Just makes me think of changing my nationality immediately! Alaska….. here I come!

  9. Anno Domini says:


    Just seeing these chuckleheads together make me feel sad, embarrassed, scared and hopeless all in one go.

    Where and when did we go wrong? How did our cosmopolitan, modern and tolerant Bahrain turn into a cesspool of sectarianism, backwardness and intolerance?

    We stand a better chance if the parliament was run by the Ringling Brothers!

  10. Anonny says:

    55 .. That’s a good number for a special Bahrain Parliament deck of cards .. with 3 jokers (They can’t all be jokers if you want to play Cowt-6).

    Biz opportunity! MP merchandising could be the cards, T-shirts (imagine the possibilities) and mugs (aren’t we all?). Imagine the sparkling playground conversations that could be started by a Jassim Saeedi pencil case!

  11. Nhusain says:

    I love the looks but unfortunately the group is not diverse enough. We need more naturalization to get diverse views in the parliament.

  12. Coolred38 says:

    4th row second over…Jassim…I was sitting in his wifes family home when 9/11 happened. I was shocked to my core not only because of what was happening on the screen but also because this warm kind family I had known and had treated me so well…were clapping and laughing and actually HAPPY to see 1000’s of people die on live tv. WTF!!!

    3rd row last man…he vote rigged polling stations in Hidd…final count…more people voted for him than were actually alive and presently accounted for in Hidd. Several of his “supporters” had been dead for quite some time(somebody should inform dead people that they are, in fact, please have the curtesy to act like it)…yet he still won his seat and the extremists in Hidd that supported him didnt say a word against him.

    I could go on…I have “inside” info on many of those upstanding candidate (good to have friends in low places…ahem..I mean high) but the point is…Bahrain has barely gotten started on this whole election process and so called parlimentary “for the people” crap..and ALREADY those involved have figured out the illegal ways to get a foot in the door. Didnt take long.

    yay for Bahrain.

    • mahmood says:

      Yay indeed. I’m just as pessimistic, especially the recent crap that’s going around. Just too much to stomach.

      I wonder if Bangladesh is accepting immigration requests…

  13. Asmiii says:

    maybe they aren’t all bad people that’s just a stereotype. I don’t know why people have such a perception of someone in a beard= Qaeda, or anything, nobody is perfect granted some of them do crazy things, but that’s just their own fault, not Islam, and not all are the same.

    • The Cynic says:

      It’s funny how we immediately judge a person from the way he looks or from his attire.

      Since when did we become what we have been criticizing all along?
      Haven’t we always criticized Muslim Extremists for treating us like atheists, just cause we didn’t dress like them; shaved our beards, or even minded our own business?

      Then, why are we treating them the same now?
      I read the comments, and I felt the heat of hate, but, sadly, this heat is not generated from these candidates’ failures, but from the failures of others before them, who just happen to look like them.
      This saddens me.

      Let’s at least wait and see if the new candidates can do something to save the sinking ship, before we judge their long beards or short Thobes. A healthy pessimism should keep our minds open for hope of change to the better.

      If you want to boycott, go ahead, I personally will. But don’t attack the ones who are trying to fix it.

      “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

      • mahmood says:

        Unfortunately most of those above have been parliamentarians or municipal councillors previously. And as they are all fielded by their own Islamist parties, they will toe the line and convert this country into a Bahrainistan regardless of the side of the fence they are. It is their avowed mandate to bring Shari’a law to be the ONLY source of legislation. Something which I completely object to. In fact I completely object for the Shari’a to be even considered in modern countries’ laws and regulations.

        I couldn’t care less about their attire or facial hair, that’s completely up to them and it doesn’t concern me.

      • Coolred38 says:

        I, for one, did not mention a thing about how they look…just my personal experience with some of them.

        And yes…in the Arab/Muslim IS all about how they look. Looks are everything over there…play the part and your in…rebel and your up the creek without a miswak my friend.

  14. nhusain says:

    Im surprised that these guys arent defending the rights of those people who were recently arrested without being charged.

  15. E. says:

    oh for crying out loud GROW UP people..
    extremists of BOTH left and right should all go jump off a bridge or hang themselves.
    liberals bark that there shouldn’t be any islamic parties involved and islamists do the same about liberals..why can’t you people just accept each other instead of stereotyping and cursing all the time??
    dam’n all of you cause embarrassment to our nation ALL OF YOU..shame on you walla…

  16. Sandy says:

    Mahmood! I know this is part of your propaganda to promote these INTELLIGENT men….especially the last one extreme left…. kababs, SAMBOOSA and Felafel its all there this elections….cheers

  17. nhusain says:

    What are their names?

  18. Anonny says:

    “I read the comments, and I felt the heat of hate, but, sadly, this heat is not generated from these candidates’ failures, but from the failures of others before them, who just happen to look like them.
    This saddens me.”

    Aw get off that cross, it doesn’t suit you.

    Some of these candidates have demonstrated corruption. All of them have demonstrated a propensity for false promises. Some of them have led hate campaigns against mere singers or whole countries (for the crime of harbouring a cartoonist). One has burned another sovereign nation’s flag. One has made a name for himself by inciting sectarian hatred. One has been … well … do I have to go there?

    Compared to all that, is it such a terrible thing to criticize their dress sense – when some of _them_ would like to punish some of us for ours? Is that what you decide to focus on – and then try to convince us that they all have clean slates?

    Holy S***!

  19. Anonny says:

    One more thing: people judge others by appearance. This is how the beardos will win votes.

    • Ali says:

      Where are the alternative candidates? Why don’t more people get on the ballot sheet – is there intimidation going on?

  20. Bu Yousef says:

    Looks like a familiar story to me 🙂 Our MPs need to think less about their own agendas (and of those behind them) and focus on Kuwait! Too many big sticks being waved for the silliest of reasons and without any follow up. We live and hope for an improvement.

    You must participate though… even if it’s to cancel out someone else’s vote. The day the sane people decide to boycott the ballet box is the day you’ll see even bigger smiles on the beards.

  21. Anas says:

    Very attractive faces, they should create card decks with their faces on them, maybe then cards will be Halal.

    I don’t know why these idiots try to involve themselves into the parliament dome when they are rejected from the mosques domes.
    Instead of shaping and prepare a roadmap to evolve and push Bahrain and Bahraini’s to something better, they will only discuss if they could allow a singer to come to bahrain or ban them.

    Plus these are the same guys who stole 1% from my salary 🙂

  22. nhusain says:

    If they did something wrong they should be sued in the courts with the evidence.

  23. Anonny says:

    Who’s the guy to the right of Saeedi? Does Salman Rushdie have a secret twin?

  24. Anonny says:

    Actually I’m being disrespectful. Sorry about that, it was unnecessary.

  25. Robert says:

    There are two kinds of evil people.

    Those who do evil things..

    And those who see evil things being done and do nothing to stop them.

  26. A Bahraini says:

    Im actually scared to come back to Bahrain.

    • nhusain says:

      They look like very pious people. Are they all returning parliamentarians? Are any running for the first time?

  27. exclamation mark says:

    I wonder, what would my chances be for winning an election if I would be looking like those gentlemen?

    • nhusain says:

      Go for it. Let’s see what happens. Grow the beard spruce up your resume we’ll back you. After you win you can shave it off if you like lol. You need to however get some financial backing to run the campaign. Talk to some liberal parties to sponsor you as an independent. Or you can suggest the idea for them to push forward one of their people to do it.

  28. Wanttogetoutofbah says:

    the last guy looks like Chuck Norris.

  29. Newguy says:

    I just started visiting your website. You are awesome. Great writing with something very rare in Bahrain; logic.

    On a personal note I’d vote for R:3 C:4 because he seems to be the most educated.

  30. religionshouldntrulecountries says:

    this made me curl up in disgust ><

  31. exclamation mark says:


    In fact, growing up the beard is not enough these days. In fact I need to cut 10 centimetres off my “thobe”, wear only the “ghetra”, have a stomach bulging out “i need to gain weight”, were the best kinds of “bisht”, and fiddle with a “miswak” 24 Hrs a day. Plus what is more important, I need to attack and curse all the other islamic sects and denominations, especially those starting with “sh” to get more credibility amongst the audience.

    In this was financial and non financial back up would by just a switch.

    Typical example, see C:4, R:3 (thanx newguuy)

  32. Nhusain says:

    That’s fine do all that except the weight gain and negativity. But without the negativity you may have a hard time raising funds for the candidacy. Let’s work backwards. Who would you like to see run?

  33. Ozzy says:

    I dont get it, why is it that everytime anyone runs for an election it’s a must to have a beard??!!??.Is it one of the requirements from the government?. Secondly why doesnt a moderate looking Bahraini runs for election?. I remember the gentleman in the very end right corner few years ago when he started his political career, we used to see his picture with a clean shave well trimmed hair, now its like he is “one of them”. I know they say what’s outside might not be the same inside, so i hope from inside they are not same as what they look like from outside. Just saying

  34. A.raoof says:

    All are looking us in the eyes !
    yet, once elected, none of them will want to see any of us !

    What a shame, what a shame !

    are we this weak, for such people are doingn it again to us ?!

  35. Robert says:

    About time this got going again as elections looming…

    You cannot be a “good” Muslim without a beard and you cannot be an MP without being a “good” Muslim ergo beardy wierdies are in! Dress code is not necessarily compulsory but the short thobe and pot belly does seem to be derigeur!

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