ISP fined BD43,927.120 for NOT blocking websites!

1 Sep, '10

How about that?

2Connect's CEO Fahad Al-Shirawi

The TRA just issued a hefty fine of BD43,927.120 (that’s US$116,517.56 to non-believers) against 2Connect, you know, the blue man people with the funky YouTube skit?

Well, the story from what I understand from the document is that 2Connect is opposed to blocking anything. The TRA found an opportune moment to slap them on their wallet by getting a complaint from a kid at the British School about them being able to access a pornographic site within the school system, which is connected, yes you guessed it, through 2Connect’s high speed network. Perfect! Someone thought. Let’s use this to really screw 2Connect out of some much needed profit and hey presto, the deal is done!

I would wish to take this opportunity to formally thank the ever watchful TRA in protecting our morals and sanity, and protecting our children’s delicate sensibilities, but stomping on 2Connect rather forcefully and reminding them that they must acquiesce to the government’s directives regardless of how sane or otherwise they are.

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  1. Ajax says:

    epic fail is epic

    we dont need big brotherly scheme

    and it is school responsibility to block those content.

    beside where are they from those anti customer internet offers ?

    i don’t see competition rising due to viva

    we are lagging behind in that sector

  2. FYI says:

    I suggest the TRA buys 7767 copies of Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 ( with that money and distribute them to all the schools and then unblock all the sites.

  3. Geg says:

    Again. Blame the ‘cow sheds’ syndrome.

  4. The Cynic says:

    When is TRA going to fine Batelco for allowing businesses to spam SMS our cells, and then in all Vulgarity suggests we send (normal-fee!) individual SMS per business to block the spam?

    Does that equation seem right to you?

  5. Fahad says:


    Mahmood, would you like to view some interesting information on this subject? 🙂 Give me a call.


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