RSF Press Freedom Index 2010 released

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And there are no surprises, as far as this region of the world is concerned, and there most certainly is not a surprise as to how our own little island faired:

Press Freedom Index 2010

Saudi Arabia157163161148161154159156125

With the current subjugation of various forms of freedoms of expression in this country, and the concerted effort to shut off any form of opposition – leading in some cases to incarceration, I would not at all be surprised if our index in 2011 slips even further than our giant neighbours Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Well done.

  • mahmood
    21 October 2010

    The GDN’s twist on this:

    BAHRAIN’S position as one of the regional leaders in Press freedom has dipped because of media censorship, according to a global report.

    DIPPED? DIPPED? For fuck’s sake it has CRASHED! This is journalistic ethics in operation I guess 🙂

  • BuJassim
    24 October 2010

    “We don’t restrict the freedom of press or expression, but when a newsletter turns into a newspaper and a website publishes audio and video without our authorisation then we have to take action”

    -Sheikh Fawaz, Information Affairs Authority

    • mahmood
      24 October 2010

      I think the middle (or really meddling) managers in that organ take full advantage of new chiefs and somehow get them to do the very worst immediately they are enthroned. They did the very same with Shaikha Mai, and now it’s Shaikh Fawaz’s turn.

      Nothing like starting on the wrong foot!

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