Dossary operates by foreign remote control

27 Oct, '10

Two reports in this morning’s GDN and the Daily Tribune suggest that one of the candidates of the Southern Governate has practically pulled out of the race in favour of his opponent even though he got through to the second round. The reason given for his withdrawal is quite intriguing, but I suspect should even be criminal in this case…

Here’s the clipping out of the GDN, with my descriptive graphic:

So this right not-so-honourable and copiously bearded gentleman operates by remote control, acquiescing to tribal dictates from a foreign country. Excellent. So why did he bother to enter the election fray then? One would suspect that if he operates under the direction of his foreign tribal leader, he could have saved himself and his supporter’s efforts and just not run in the first place or seek that “guidance” to start with, no?

I guess the droves who drove to the General Election Centre at the King Fahad Causeway from Saudi didn’t tick his box or were not given his lovely picture to ascertain that they were actually directed to vote for him!

What a farce.

Will the government now come out with a statement that the Dossaries are not loyal to Bahrain and receive their instructions from a foreign nation? Will they now find “administrative errors” in granting them the precious Bahraini citizenship and hence withdraw their passports and citizenship?

The guy not only implicated himself in this mess, but his whole tribe. So what are they waiting for?

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  1. Reader says:

    if this was a Shia candidate it Would have been a huge “Scandal” and a first page news in Al-Watan newspaper and the government would have condemned the foreign interference

  2. Anno Domini says:

    …And let the games begin!


  3. nhusain says:

    Maybe the other guy is in fact better then him. This needs more investigation. Do you have the picture of al-Mulla? I do agree that revoking a person’s citizenship without due process is bogus.

  4. nhusain says:

    Ahmed al-Mulla trims his beard. So thats one negative against him for some people. What are his positives that make him better then Sharkh?

  5. nhusain says:

    Ahmed Al-Mulla is a legal consultant. What is the profession of Sharek?

    Also we should also be concerned about that Bahraini runner of Kenyan origin who got his citizenship revoked for inadvertantly running in Israel.

  6. exclamation mark says:

    Sharekh I think is from Saudi Arabia too…
    I haven’t heard a Bahraini with that name before!! And since the “bedos” of Saudi Arabia are fond of such names!!

  7. Haitham Salman says:

    There are rumors that he ran for municipility in Dammam using his other citizenship and did not win. This time he used the red one.

  8. واحد says:

    It is not a rumor Haitham; check this

  9. ajax says:

    i don’t see the big deal.

    what does loyalty has to do with it ????
    his tribe leader is minster or something ??

    regardless has public stunt is stupid one
    in the side note ;

    unlike a group of people who claim the are affiliation/loyalty to Iran is religious
    forgeting that it is theocracy system

    so Religious loyalty = political loyalty

    and the stream follow ….

    • T says:

      I would say that the big deal is that in a democracy the people choose their representatives. It is not up to a tribal leader in a foreign country to make the decision for ‘us’.

  10. Anonny says:

    Mr T,

    In modern forms of ‘democracy’ the people can only choose from among those who are put forward.

    Think of a restaurant wherein you’re free to choose as long as it’s on the menu 🙂

    • T says:

      I agree completely. Like George Carlin said ‘its only the illusion of choice’.

      But it is better to choose from either Pasta or Steak as opposed to someone choosing for you.

  11. ajax says:

    anyway and how , that was my ‘opinion’

    and i respect the opinion of those how ‘disagree’


  12. Anonny says:

    “But it is better to choose from either Pasta or Steak as opposed to someone choosing for you.”

    As long as it’s the pasta or steak that you’re promised. Not a pile of balony and toxic additives.

  13. Anonny says:

    Sorry I meant ‘baloney’

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