Bahrain Strategy FAIL. Yet again.

22 Nov, '10

But that’s no surprise. I don’t think many people in Bahrain are much enamored with the “strategy” of buying ready-made athletes, throwing a little red book at them after forcing a change of name (and name only) and then pretend rather fervently that the machine they bought will just acquiesce to various requests.

Not so.

Gregory Konchellah is not playing ball, and he’s not shutting up about it either… to the tune of a syndicated news article appearing in 161 news outlets so far:

The moral of this story is: A little red book does not a Bahraini make, it’s in the heart. And we – as died in the wool Bahrainis – would sacrifice all for this country. We might not win on command, and we won’t win for a truck load of money even, but we give it a bloody good go for the country’s glory, and that’s enough payment for us, thank you very much.

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  1. Nhusain says:

    They forced him to run injured. That’s not just. A so called real Bahraini would have done the same. Changing the guys name to deceive the public is bogus though.

  2. exclamation mark says:

    And we’re talking about sports only… What about those outside the sports world ?!

  3. Mahmood says:

    “A little red book does not a Bahraini make” does not make a bahraini 😛 but yea you are right we make fun of qatar about the same issue then we become like them.

  4. nhusain says:

    Bahrain wins by creaming the Qatari at the end of the race.

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