iOS 4.2 is out!

23 Nov, '10

I’ve been trying to download the bloody thing for an hour and it keeps disconnecting with various errors. I guess literally millions are downloading it at the same time, I wonder if the servers have had enough? I’ve had the same problem with 4.1 I remember…

Apple should decentralise these updates to ease the load.

Anyone already has it installed who can give us a “real” review of how it is on the iPad and the other devices?

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  1. Mazen says:

    I am doing my download over VPN and its working very smooth.. it seems the issue in the route between your ISP and the Apple server is highly congested… use another ISP that uses another route or use VPN..

  2. It does what it says on the tin. Downloaded it an hour ago without any hitches. Finally there are folders and “multitasking”. 🙂

    Orientation is now a software switch rather than the physical switch. That physical switch now enables and disables notifications.

    There’s a review on The Register:

  3. mahmood says:

    It’s downloaded and it’s sync’ing at the moment… but I just plugged in my iPhone and discovered that it needs to download ANOTHER version for the bloody iPhones!

  4. interesting, the Ipad gets and extra 150megs of update..

    • mahmood says:

      Like The Register said: ‘It appears that the days of “write tight” as a coder’s mantra are long gone.’ – but I won’t worry about it. What I do worry about now is why not include all the updates in the same file? We now have to download each update for each device separately. Weird. But again, I’ll live with it.

  5. mahmood says:


    The iPhone update above was for my 3Gs, which I naturally assumed would be the same for my iPhone 4. Not so!

    I connected my iPhone 4 to be faced with this:

    Now I have to continuously update each and every device with every release of iOS independently?

    I call this a major Apple FAIL!

  6. Bu Yousef says:

    Apart from the menus, I’m so happy I can now email in Arabic without having to go to another app.

    Enjoy the update when you finally have it on all devices.

  7. Hussain Mahmood says:

    The physical switch is for muting sound, not disabling notifications.

  8. Indeed it is. My bad.

  9. Ajax says:

    i hope your internet allowance “cap”

    doesn’t run out at this point 😛

    speaking of internet service
    i can’t be any happier after dumping zain
    and going with viva 60GB plan

  10. anon says:

    Do u use iTunes to download it? I never use iTunes because it keeps disconnecting. just google the link and download it using your browser or any other application, much faster and it doesn’t disconnect.

    • mahmood says:

      I actually looked but couldn’t find a link.

      Now that they’re downloaded (I presume still available) on my hard drive, where does the system store them? I want to find them to give them to others to update their phones.

  11. anon says:

    they should be under your itunes folder, or better search for *.ipsw;

    You can find the direct links on the

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