Endemic Corruption, part deux

The 2009 Audit Report
A couple of days ago I went on about the endemic corruption beleaguering our government‘s organs. Today, with the Audit Bureau Report for 2009 being made public and being subjected to initial analysis by the press, I was wrong in choosing that title. I should have called it the Complete and Utter Collapse of the Government’s Ability to Run This Country instead. And the Audit Bureau’s report does nothing but confirm this fact.

Yalla. Time for either a mass resignation by the government – which is the honourable thing to do, a vote of no confidence by the parliament and kick them out, or the King to put them out to their engorged and well grassed pastures.

I don’t care whichever solution is eventually taken, as long as it’s just done so we can go forth and make something of our future rather than continue to see vast amounts of funds misappropriated, the majority (if not all) the government ministries being mismanaged and we continue to beat that old drum of hail this and hail that while the whole world continue to point and laugh at us.

You know what? Maybe that’s too much to ask – well it isn’t really but I recognize that my demands are completely unrealistic as they will never come to be realized though you and I know that doing anything less is just feeding the fallacy of everything is hunky dory. How about HM finds the top three offenders in that there report, fire them and investigate their mis-accumulated wealth and re-appropriate it to the state treasury?

  • ajax
    30 December 2010

    sadly most old minster has been assigned back to their ministerial post

  • meyofspace
    31 December 2010

    Nothing will happen next year. I’ll give you that.

  • zulfikar ali
    7 January 2011

    alas the problem affect many countries and to solve it requires great effort and discipline from those with the power – but hey why bother when they can live luxury 😉

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