I believe in a better Bahrain.

14 Feb, '11

There are a number of demonstrations and protests happening right in several areas in Bahrain, I think I can hear and smell some of the effects from my office.

The basic demands of the people is for a better life with dignity, respect for human rights, freedom of express and the release of political prisoners. None of those demands differ from the universal demands of people everywhere. Those demands are legitimate.

The bottom line is that a new and more just contract between the people and the rulers must be agreed upon and that should done with haste. We all know what needs to be addressed, and the wise would choose to enact these changes, rather than go into a protracted violent confrontation where one would come out the loser.

The platform exists for a win-win situation, which is the ideal outcome. I hope that wisdom prevails and Bahrain comes out the winner of this difficult time.

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  1. Lorena says:

    Hi Mahmood…

    I really hope that every thing goes well in Bahrain ..

    • Nhusain says:

      Things are not good. The king needs to announce a serious reform agenda before it’s too late.

  2. Robok says:

    Here’s hoping it all goes for the better and the efforts don’t go to waste.

  3. An Irishman says:

    Dear Mahmood,

    An Old friend wishing you and the Bahrainis- a valiant and noble people- the best in gaining their freedom. the Irish stood up against the greatest Empire the world had ever seen almost 100 years ago- and won, the people united will never be defeated.Tunisia and Egypt have shown that the Arab world is no exception.Godspeed.

    Could you please check your email;

    • milter says:

      Shall we hope (or pray?) that Bahrain doesn’t follow the example of “the people united” in Ireland after the establishment of the Irish Free State?

  4. An Irishman says:

    I tried calling you Mahmood someone else answered,and said he didnt know you. Associated press reports that youth chanting no shii no sunni only Bahrain have been fired upon, are you ok? anyone reading this can you please find out? I will try to reach your house. To anyone else reading this if you have lost contact with Mahmood and it is confirmed that he has been arrested please organize a campaign, call embassies, ngos facebook pages etc…

    • mahmood says:

      Hello my friend. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. As you might expect we’re doing fine. Just a bit busy at the moment. Will email soon.

  5. milter says:

    Just to wipe out all possibilities of any kind of misinterpretations:

    I wholly support Mahmood’s wish for “a better Bahrain”.

  6. King of Egypt says:

    The only arrest Mahmood would be under is house arrest, by his missus.

  7. An Irishman says:

    Just back from a grand tour of the state of Bahrain… next time instead of relying on the Assciated Pres, Al Jazeera…etc…I’ll just check twitter!! Good to hear you’re still with us Mahmood keep up the good work.

  8. peter says:

    A 27-year old boy was killed in a peaceful demonstration. I believe that the government of Bahrain should not live a moment

  9. Reeshiez says:

    I agree. I pray that these brave protestors will continue using non-violence despite the horrible uncalled for reaction of the riot police yesterday.

  10. Reader911 says:

    Unlike the protests in past years that turned violent. Protests yesterday had a different tone. Protesters did not fight back !

    Just for the record .. a peaceful protest comprised of hundreds in old Zinj (near Pizza Hut) was dispersed by Riot Police .. Rubber bullets were shot! All protesters left the area.

  11. Reader911 says:

    Yeah forget to mention

    Mahmood, today morning I heard an interview in BBC world service radio with a blogger named Mahmood also ..was that you ?

    Plz post it for all your readers to listen.

  12. collegekid says:

    I’d like everybody to take a look at how skewed the media is

    • Robok says:

      I like how they added this at the end of the article:
      “Bahrain hosts the headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.”
      As if they were answering rednecks who went “Well why should I care?”

  13. Muzafari says:

    How old are you? I really hope your not above 18, because I will be disappointed with what the youth of Bahrain has to contribute in times like this, if your younger than that, nice job with the creativity keep it up!

  14. Reader911 says:

    A second protester is killed today 15 Feb while taking part in a Ali Musheme’s funeral, who was killed yesterday 14 February.

    According to reports .. both are killed because of riot police using (Shozun) a shotgun like weapon used for hunting that fires small pellets and is difficult to extract.



  15. Reader911 says:

    From Al-Wasat Newspaper..

    Name of the second protester killed today morning is Fadhel Salman


  16. dear Mahmood, I am following very closely what is happening in Bahrain, a place I’ll never forget and hopefully I will be able to visit soon once again. Take care and keep safe.
    Here is a post I wrote about the situation and what happened yesterday over there. I know, it’s all Greek to you, but maybe Google translate might help.
    Here’s the link :

    Regards from Greece.

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