Planned protests

2 Mar, '11

Here’s a schedule I received for protests this week until Friday. Sounds like a Gig-list, but hey, as a country we’re finally evolving:

Wednesday 02 March
– 1500 onwards from Pearl Roundabout to the Ministry of Interior
– 1730 onwards at the Grand Mosque
– 1900 onwards from Dana Roundabout to the Pearl Roundabout

Thursday 3 March
– 1900 onwards around City Centre Mall

Friday 4 March
– 1300 onwards from the villages of Aker and Nuwaidrat through the area and Ma’ameer & Sitral to the Pearl Roundabout.
– 1500 onwards in Isa Town, starting in front of the building of the Ministry of Labour; and in front of the Information and Statistics Authority, towards the Radio and Television Authority.

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  1. Herman says:

    I wonder why a lot of ladies are having their prostest in Janabiyah this early in the morning at 7:30 between the Janabiyah highway and the Sar cinema.

  2. I could hear the protest from my house, it was quite something!

  3. CB says:

    Dear friend,

    Your past few blogs have listed demands of the opposition, signed by the political left. This effort for dialogue will need the demand of all political voices including the National unity movement.

    This mentality of us vs the government is not productive. The government’s role is that of a mediator that listens to all voices ensuring that no voice is drowned out.

    Listing demands is good but is meaningless without weighing in the demands and needs of all the people.

    What happened to No sunni No shia just Bahraini

    Practice what you preach.

    • mahmood says:

      what in heaven’s sake are you on about? these demands are backed by SIX of the biggest political parties, and they don’t differ that much from the Unity movement! Start thinking for goodness sake. It’ll do you a power of good.

      • CB says:

        My brother,

        The principle is simple multilateral includes all political views. During the dialogue process all must be heard. I’m a bahraini and none of these six groups represent my views.

        The national unity movement has many supporters (300,000 as per CNN) and are a real and significant political counter-current. You say that the unity movement views don’t differ much. Then let them sign your petition, invite them to the table.

        If you want to play a numbers game then only voting counts, only one of the six “colossal” political parties were backed by voters.

        Your ostrich act will only make things worse. Open your eyes. Have a dialogue with us not the government together we represent the people.

        We all live on the same island speak the same language we are brothers and sisters, our fate is one.

        Don’t ignore us.

        No sunni No shi’a just Bahraini

        • mahmood says:

          I’m hardly ignoring you, but you’re ignoring the glaring fact that I do not, never have, and never will represent ANY political society. Therefore I cannot speak in their name nor invite anyone to do anything in their name either.

          As you’re 300k strong (which is a contentious over-blown figure*, you should approach them directly and get this mess sorted out.

          21 February
          The state’s Bahrain News Agency, a branch of Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture and Information, claims that 300,000 Bahraini residents (more than 50% of the local population; Bahrain local population is 568,000),[41] has gathered in the grounds opposite Al Fateh Mosque in Manama to support the ruling monarchy.[42] Foreign news networks such as CNN marked the official statistics as highly unrealistic and estimated that the actual number of protesters is closer to 20,000-50,000.

  4. Bernie says:

    Good luck on the protests and stay safe.

  5. Herman says:

    In relation to the economy,Over the past 6 months we made a study of investing in Bahrain to a bigger office and hiring 5-6 more people for 2011, Last week I have been asked not to spend any money on assest for the company at this stage, also I have been asked to make a study for the costs of moving our office to Qatar as alternative. I would prefer Barhain over any other country in the GCC, now……

    • Anonny says:

      Stick with us Herman. Bahrain has its periods of trouble, but the track record over the last few decades has been good compared to the ups and downs of most countries in the region. The overall cost picture is also relatively good.

    • peacefulmuslimah says:

      This is a real concern that I don’t expect the youth driving the protests to fully understand or appreciate.

      The call for dismantling your government and the time for developing a method to elect a new one and get it set up will have devastating effects on Bahrain’s economy (at a time when no country can really afford that). I pray that wiser leadership will prevail and things can be expedited to put an end to the dissension and tent cities, and get people back to work, insha’Allah.

  6. Herman says:

    Annony, I agree with you partially, over the past 2 years the cost in Bahrain has become very high also, we are charged London/Beverly Hills rental prices. When I made the first study to move to Bahrain in 2002 the costs had doubled by 2007, Next to that Bahrain is becoming less “business friendly” towards foreign investors (unless you are American), and with that in combination with the political stability it becomes hard to defend our existance in Bahrain.
    I would love to stay as I know so many GOOd Bahraini’s and really care for them and understand many of the issues they also run into.

  7. Dan says:

    Any Pretenders fans in Bahrain?

    In The Middle of the Road:

    • Robok says:

      I don’t think so, but we got plenty of pretenders…

      In related news: Apparently the Al Fateh Mosque unity movement just reached 450,000 as the BTV reports, yes, more than more than 75% of Bahrain can apparently fit there, and the other 25% is in Lulu Square, so that leaves… well, everyone, we’re all accounted for as being out in the streets.

  8. Cleareview says:

    Is it a number game now? no matter what the number was.. its clear where the majority lies.. day by day and due to God’s blessings people are switching from one group to the majority..

    • Robok says:

      Is that what you honestly think? People who lost loved ones in their protests would simply up and go and join the other protests that demand the exact opposite of what they want?

      I don’t know if it’s a numbers game, but if it was, our national TV is honestly isn’t helping by exaggerating things like that. They also suck at being neutral.

  9. Cleareview says:

    excuse me but do not talk on behalf of the families who lost thier loved ones.. I personally called one of the families that I knew.. and I can assure you they don’t feel the same way you do..
    so you claim you want exactly the opposite of what Sh.Abdullatif was calling for.. so lets see..
    sh.Abdullatif U
    – call for unity.. No unite Me! only Me!
    No -overthrow govt yes -overthrow overthrow!
    maintain calm safety + security chaos! Vandalism!
    Stop sectarianism Me Me and only Me
    Accountability Iam a teacher or a Doc that
    teach or treat my own ppl
    the rest of yuall go to hell
    Free Salmaniya Hosp Mine! Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!

    hmm…. even if we were 20 ppl… no one needs to exaggerate… its not the numbers. its actions that count..

    • Robok says:

      And I’m supposed to take you up for your word that you called one of those families?

      Abdullatif, who I hold no grudge against, is entitled to his own opinions, but it is clear to anyone that they conflict with the demands of the Lulu Square protesters. And no matter how much sarcasm, weak logic, and poor English to prove me wrong, no one with a brain will be convinced of your argument.

  10. Cleareview says:

    the layout got screwed up


    – call for unity..
    No -overthrow govt
    maintain calm safety + security
    Stop sectarianism
    Free Salmaniya Hosp

    No unite Me! only Me!
    yes -overthrow overthrow!
    chaos! Vandalism!
    Me Me and only Me
    Iam a teacher or a Doc that
    teach or treat my own ppl
    the rest of yuall go to hell
    Mine! Mine!Mine!Mine!Mine!

    now watch my neg. numbers go high on purpose ..

    • No point says:

      Cleareview, have u sat down with Robok to know more of what he/she is demanding? Why is everyone so negative. Instead of going at each other with what you “perceive” the other has in mind, why dont you talk to each other like civil human beings?

      At the end of the day i still think there is no point because there will always be uneducated morons out there talking sh*t about the “other side”

      • mahmood says:

        I was with you until I hit the 2nd paragraph!

        The first one is excellent and should be printed out and distributed everywhere, trash the 2nd I would think.

  11. No point says:

    I agree with you Mahmood & kindly excuse my loosing my mind. Its getting harder and harder to have faith.

    Help anyone?

  12. Shiraz says:

    (Reuters) – Fighting between Sunni and majority Shi’ite Muslims in central Bahrain injured several people overnight in the first sectarian violence since protests erupted in the Sunni-ruled kingdom two weeks ago.

    “I heard many different versions,” Mattar said. “I think there could have been a dispute between families in that area about something unrelated, not sectarian.”

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