A scuffle broke out in Hamad Town between Bahrainis and recently naturalized Bahrainis in which wooden planks, knives and swords were used. A good summary of this recent event is available on GlobalVoices. This is not the first time troubles between these groups happen.

Hamad Town is a council housing estate built to benefit low to middle income families in Bahrain. It houses Bahrainis from all walks of life. A percentage of houses and neighbourhoods are occupied by newly naturalized Bahrainis and scuffles regularly break out between them and others in the vicinity.

A day after the scuffle broke out, a group of apparent residents were seen walking the neighbourhood’s streets intimidating others in the area, and one was seen carrying a black flag some say is distinctly similar to the Al-Qaeda flag, as seen in this video:

And this screen grab with superimposed graphic for comparison:

Source: http://twitpic.com/469rt4

Although I knew that there were sympathisers to Al-Qaeda here – I’ve seen pictures of bin Laden in some government offices just after 9/11, but haven’t since – I believe this is the first time that the Al-Qaeda flag is so blatantly exposed and by inference, their allegiance to that organisation is plainly shown. This – to say the very least – is a worrying development. The last thing we need in this country is to invite the trouble associated with Al-Qaeda and its criminals to this country. The government represented in the Ministry of Interior should take immediate action and must thoroughly and professionally investigate this incident. Ignoring this or delaying this investigation is akin to inviting some Al-Qaeda sympathiser to wreak havoc in this country by blowing himself up in Pearl Roundabout and kill several hundred innocents in the process. We all know that this is possible, as that organisation has shown the mindless killings it perpetuates everywhere it is allowed to set foot, be that in Afghanistan or Pakistan through to the United States and every other country in between.

For the sake of Bahrain, something must be done about this new phenomenon, and be done promptly.