Leena Al Olaimy

On Friday 18th March 2011, @LAlOlaimy said:

@khalidalkhalifa I’m VERY concerned by what I just heard re: my aunt’s checkpoint experience. #Bahrain police tried to provoke her & found a ‘لا سني لا شيعي بس بحريني‘ badge in her bag. The police ridiculed her asking if she really believes in it? She responded ‘yes’. He threatened her & said ‘Do you know what I can do to you?! I can do anything to you!’. Security is one thing but martial law or not, inciting sectarianism, hate speech & disrespect by the police is UNACCEPTABLE. If Bahrain is to heal this cannot happen. If Bahrain is to become united the law cannot impose sectarian division. What will they do to me when I say I am a Bahraini Muslim who (respects but) doesn’t believe in religious divisions?

I fear for this country.

If some of the police / security officers who are charged with protecting us have now become sectarian and intimidate us just because we carry a simple yet powerful message designed to unify the people of this country, how can we really trust them to keep the peace? Or has their mission changed now to sectarian cleansing?

Someone in a responsible position must take immediate steps to address this situation.

The least that the government can do is investigate this matter fully and immediately. They must recognise the perpetrators of this intimidation and court martial them in a public trial to send a clear and an unequivocal message that sectarianism shall not be tolerated.


Update 110319@1444:

@LAlOlaimy Leena Al Olaimy tweeted:
@BahrainCrying @mahmood@khalidalkhalifa Reported to MOI. Apparently they had several complaints @ that checkpoint near alaa 7athrami school

Excellent. No one should tolerate such behavior. I applaud Leena for taking the initiative and reporting the incident to the authorities. It’s up to the competent authorities to take action now, and close the loop by issuing a statement detailing their action and put in processes to ensure that this sort of behaviour is stamped out in their ranks.