Reprieve for Al-Wasat

8 May, '11

It’s with pleasure that I read that Al-Wasat‘s investors have decided to rescind their previous decision to close down the paper. The board of directors has now decided to continue publishing the paper under their new management.

Regardless of my personal apprehensions on its current editorial direction, and my sadness for the forced resignation by its very much respected founder and editor-in-chief Dr. Al-Jamri, I wish Al-Wasat, its journalists and professional staff the best of luck and hope that they will continue to push boundaries and establish new journalistic grounds for the whole of Bahrain to benefit from.

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  1. Lizardo says:

    u mean the lucky journalists who didn’t get fired and agreed to write within BNA propaganda.

  2. tariq says:

    A good example of media manipulation by the powers to be…

  3. tariq says:

    Oooops..I meant the powers that be…

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