Improving Safety at Saar Cinema

9 Jul, '11

We went to the Saar Cinema this evening to watch the very excellent Horrible Bosses (which I shall get on DVD once it’s available, it’s that hilarious!) but that’s not the main story, the main one is the utter disbelief that we witnessed when we exited Cinema 1, where the main emergency exit is located, to find that they have improved it but fitting two dead-bolts on it!

I guess if a fire occurs, that emergency door might as well be a non-penetrable wall for all the good it’ll do.

That and the several dead bodies at its foot. Stupid people thinking that they could get out through an emergency door in haste. They, the management seem to be saying, deserve to die!

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  1. AZ says:

    Isn’t that red bar one of those things that you push to open the door? The deadbolt over it looks odd though. What i find intriguing about the pic is that they still have the Al-Massa Cinema logo on the door even though they bought the theater from them more then ten years ago.

    On a side note; Saar probably has the best popcorn on the island, it’s insanely good.

    BTW saw Horrible Bosses myself yesterday, indeed it was hilarious. If you get the chance try catching Bridemaids, it’s rather swell, a funnier romp then Hangover Part 2.

    • mahmood says:

      Yes the red bar is a quick release mechanism to unlock the door when pushed, but it won’t be any good with those dead bolts set.

  2. Rogork says:

    Could be an auto-release system that works only in case of fires?

    • mahmood says:

      Click the picture for a larger version. You’ll clearly see the dead-bolts are actually mechanical and both are most certainly jammed in the locked position. Good luck with releasing those in a fire situation.

  3. Dan says:

    That red things is what is called a “panic bar” and it is used worldwide to open doors rapidly when a bunch of people are crowding the door trying to get out.

    I see two deadbolts on the door. These are used worldwide to keep a door from opening, though from the other side, no matter how many are trying to get through the door. I suspect that if enough people push on the door then is will open one way or another, though some people may get injured in the process.

    Where I live, doors in places like this do have the panic bar but also sound an alarm when opened that is often connected to a battery in case the electricity goes out. Such an alarm makes the deadbolts unnecessary. As the deadbolts are obviously on the door to keep anyone from entering from the outside, they can be replaced with an audible alarm and still allow the panic bar to be used to exit through this door in emergencies.

    • Dan says:

      Three paragraphs of typing and then I see the electric alarm in the upper left corner. The deadbolts on this door can ONLY have some nefarious purpose…unless somebody is just incredibly stupid. Nobody is THAT stupid…are they? Yep; we have a planet full of them.

  4. FYI says:

    speaking of movies, mahmood you have to see ‘made in dagenham’ (if you have osn showbox its on the osn demand)

    after seeing the movie last night i was reminded how the civilized world got things done when they had problems. truly inspiring.

  5. Bahraini4eva says:

    Dear Mahmood, The deadbolt that is mentioned in the link is only activated in case of fire and the door can be easily opened; alternatively there is a switch on top of the door that can activate the bolt and the emergency door can be easily opened..

    • mahmood says:

      I don’t think that’s correct. In a fire situation, you want to exit the building immediately and without having to fiddle with any switches, bolts, nails, or anything else for that matter. Note that the bolts in this situation are mechanical, and if you had used any of those in any kind of emergency when potentially tens if not hundreds of people trying to shove you out of the way to save their lives, then you will find that those very mechanical bolts are the things that are between you and survival. I bet in that situation, your fingers will be coated with butter and you might not get a hold of them to open them.

      Further, that switch at the top is a proximity switch which sounds an alarm if the door gets opened. It is not an actuator which will help open the door.

      Fire safety personnel will be better suited to judge the situation than either of us I suspect, but just employing logic alone would determine that having this sort of “modifications” not only stupid, but outright dangerous and illegal.

  6. Bahraini4eva says:

    Dear Mahmood,

    I agree with you on this one. The concept of a fire door is to have an exit that is quick and easy to use when there is a fire.

    People panic in life threatening situations, if a room is filled with smoke for example the last thing you want is a door that doesn’t easily open when you push on it.

    This issue is will be resolved immediately, which is easy of course, by simply removing the dead bolts (hand operated door locks).

    Thank you for raising it on the first hand.

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