The Dialogue: Government Services

17 Jul, '11

Off to the National Dialogue again in a few minutes. This time I’ll be participating in the 2nd stream of the Economic Committee dealing with Government Services and I’ll be particularly interested in Education and the Environment, their challenges and what we should do to promote them in Bahrain. This is a continuation session from last week.

My submissions to the committee last week involved the following:

  • 1. The overhaul of the educational curricula to engender and encourage critical thinking
  • 2. Teach and encourage innovators and innovations
  • 3. Review the classical way in which tests and exams are done and marked
  • 4. Elevate vocational training and intensify it so that graduates would be readily absorbed into the job market

Rubbish strewn Duraz beach

As to the environment, I suggested

  • 1. Review the environmental laws and enact them. Find ways to encourage and stimulate the preservation of our environment
  • 2. Allocate part of the budget of real estate developments to create gardens or works of art for public benefit
  • 3. Impose strict penalties on polluters

I hope to emphasise these points this afternoon and encourage their adoption for the final communique.

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  1. Achut Bhandarkar says:

    Very interesting and dynamic action oriented topic. All companies, no matter what the job should be encouraged to start Summer/Winter internship/vocational training programs like in Europe/US to encourage youth (female and male) to take the opportunity to see the reality of working life, see what is out there, get a feel for what their fellow human goes through and choose to build their career. This will bring out the human in them and teach them to develope pride in what they do, compassion for other humans and resepct for all kinds of jobs. This should be encouraged/enforced through Corporate Responsibililty law with clauses for job safety in cases where jobs require this like catering, construction etc. Women should also be encouraged to take part, shed old barriers and help forge a new Bahrain.

  2. Dan says:

    “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    —American Declaration of Independence

    The above quote states the ONLY justification for ANY government. Unfortunately, the idea of a free society: that everyone is responsible for their own well being, is ignored by those who like to pretend that they are in favor of freedom while they submit that slavery, socialism, oligarchy, statism in all its forms will work if only their form of slavery is instituted.

    This is nothing less than re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic for people to sit differently and pretending that this will stop the ship from sinking.

    When one observes the nightmare of the desperate efforts made by hundreds of thousands of people struggling to escape from the socialized countries of Europe, to escape over barbed-wire fences, under machine-gun fire—one can no longer believe that socialism, in any of its forms, is motivated by benevolence and by the desire to achieve men’s welfare.

    No man of authentic benevolence could evade or ignore so great a horror on so vast a scale.

    Socialism is not a movement of the people. It is a movement of the intellectuals, originated, led and controlled by the intellectuals, carried by them out of their stuffy ivory towers into those bloody fields of practice where they unite with their allies and executors: the thugs.

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