Scandal? What scandal? For this? No way!!

20 Jul, '11

rupert murdochBritish beoble no shame! Why they make trouble for such a big shaikh like this? He not gives them enough job? He has FIFTY-THREE THOUSAND workers! He’s like gummement and makes money more than a small country every year. And is responsible for aaaaverything his people do? Of course not!!!!! So why jarjir him to this parlament and harass him and his son like this?

Ya akhi this is sooooo wrong. NO respect! Blady traitors!!!!

Let heem go. I make spashaal Twitter picture for my account in his honor.

ريتويت بليييييييييز!

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  1. Rogork says:

    I lol’d. Well played good sir, well played.

  2. Dan says:

    Say; wasn’t this the one where the Scotland Yard commissioner resigned; followed by Scotland Yard’s assistant commissioner resigned; followed by the deputy commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police?

    Sean Hoare directly named his former Editor, Andy Coulson, for knowing about illegal hacking. Then Sean Hoare was found dead after telling associates that he feared for his life and police, after only twenty minutes, said there is “nothing suspicious” about Hoare’s death even though they also said it is “unexplained.”

    Well, at least you are consistent, Mahmood. By analogous reasoning, your “majestic” king that you so love, the one who appoints the upper house in your “gummement” for no other discernible reason than to control all Bahraini’s lives, cannot possibly be held accountable for soldiers gunning people down in the streets of Bahrain…in your hometown.

    I suppose there is “nothing suspicious” about THAT though it too is “unexplained.”

    FACT: Rupert Murdoch owns a substantial portion of the American press/media and his news outlets supply little more than “gummement” propaganda and pabulum.

    Rupert is also a big fan of America arming Israel to the teeth lest anyone, not to mention the poor Palestinians, looks at Jerusalem with anything more than a beaming smile.

    Tell me, Mahmood: if “there is nothing to see here…move along…move along” then why would two of the top cops (police officers) in the land resign?

    And why do you think Sean Hoare is dead?

    Is you iphone still tapped? And you are OK with it?

  3. Dan says:

    It is not a laughing matter to me. It involves murder and, in an indirect way, the destruction of my nation and my society…as well as the rest of the world, which includes Bahrain.

    The game Murdoch et al. is playing is called “The Appearance of Reality FOR Reality.” YOU need to do a reality check, sir.

    No apology from me.

  4. Little John says:

    And here’s me thinking the site had been hacked 🙂

  5. Bernie says:

    It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Almost felt like grabbing the bottle of Coke, a bag of popcorn and sitting down to watch the show.
    They’ve been going down like nine pins and it ain’t finished yet.
    Murdoch is possibly the worst face of corporate right wing capitalism the world has ever seen and I have an issue trying not break into a smug grin every time his plight gets worse.
    He has systematically attempted to control British government policy and in many cases has succeeded to the extent that one commentator mentioned that the feeling in parliament was like the removal of a dictatorship.
    He is now under investigation in the US for possible hacking there as well. I do hope it all works out badly.

  6. Dan says:

    What REALLY Happened? I don’t know….I am NOT Mike Rivero. But it may surely looks nefarious to me. So here is a link to where Dr. Joseph Farrell tosses in his opinion from THE NEFARIUM:


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