Commission of Inquiry starts working

25 Jul, '11

Creating an independent commission to look into the killings, torture, dismissals, and prejudicial treatments and transparently report its findings and name and shame abusers is a huge, unprecedented and much awaited courageous step that can have far reaching impact on this country and its people if left to actually do its assigned work. I hope that they will be given the promised free access to all parties in order to ascertain the truth of the past few months. Only then will this country treat the path of much needed reconciliation.

So far, the various meetings and press releases emanating from the Commission are very encouraging. In order for them to have better communication with the public, the Commission launched their own website through which they will have the capability to receive complaints too. The site is available at and according to the papers this morning, they’ve ensured that its database and administration is independent by hosting the site and its database outside of the country.

This is Good News™. I look forward to reading their report, but much more importantly, I’m looking forward to get those abusers, no matter how high they are, getting their just deserts. I must confess though, that I’m very skeptical of this ever happening as I – as do the rest of the country – know that some very high figures’ heads won’t roll, no matter how nefarious their deeds were through this whole fiasco.

But… let’s wait and see. Let’s give the Commission a chance.

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  1. Zainab says:

    Just like we’ve given the dialouge a chance =)

  2. M.A. says:

    I so badly want to believe this. It sounds brilliant on paper but I can’t see how certain people in government would get away with it!! There’s no point judging now, though, we have to wait and see. Hopefully they’ll do a better job of it than they did with the dialogue.

  3. Dan says:

    Here in the United States, I remember when the Warren Commission, headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, published its myth about the assassination of President Kennedy.

    I remember a whole host of other false investigations and bloody lies.

    Among these are the government’s fictional findings that a truck bomb blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building here in Oklahoma City in 1995 even though any college freshman physics student may calculate and verify that a bomb of that type and size and in that location could NOT have produce near that much damage,

    Then there is the false flag operation known as 9-11 of which the government published its easily disprovable myth over, and changed it several times, under the guise of seeking and finding the truth.

    Hopefully, Mahmood, Bahrain will have a real investigation resulting in justice. However, my life experience tells me that they are all charades and that a dark and hidden power rules this planet.

  4. Jon of Arabia says:

    So much for the “Independent commission”. The guy heading it just made a statement (see above) saying that there are no signs that the regime tortured anyone! Wow, really?

    Prominent businessman Fakhrawi didn’t die of torture?

    Prominent blogger Asheeri didn’t die of torture?

    Ali Saqr?

    There 35 others to choose from Mr. Basouni. Shame on you.

    Lipstick on a pig…that’s all I can say!

    • mahmood says:

      Don’t take what Al-Ayam says seriously, they – like most papers in Bahrain – have been economically selective with the news. This Reuters piece is probably much closer to what has actually been said.

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