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30 Jul, '11

I’m not sure who the admin / support staff for the dialogue were nor how they were selected. From observation, they seem to have come from various government departments, maybe primarily from the parliament. In any case, at the National Dialogue participation certificate presentation / appreciation this morning, they have resolutely added to my feeling of despair for this country. That and added a good measure to my already high level of disgust with what this country has become.

Why? It’s all to do with the science of clapping.

They were selective whom to give their appreciation to; that was mostly given to the contentious personalities involved in the dialogue; Jassim Alsaidi, Khalid Alshaikh, Hisham Zayani and others rocked their boats, others who have had a lifetime of contribution to this country received a smattering, while those who were perceived to be in the opposite side, received less still. Both Alwefaq and Wa’ad didn’t attend this morning but I can imagine that we would’ve heard a pin drop had they been called up to the podium to receive their certificates and get their obligatory photograph taken.

Of course it’s well within their right to appreciate and approve of anyone they wish. They’re totally free to clap until their hands drop off, but to me at least, what this situation has demonstrated, is that we as a country and society are no where near to the claim that this country is on the way to resolve its differences and that the dialogue in itself has ameliorated feelings and charted a road to recovery.

Whether this means that the Dialogue itself is a failure, is another matter and I shall write my reflections on that at another time.

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  1. Ahmed Hassan says:

    Well, they are free to do so.

    Some people are more popular than others, accept it and don’t be hard on yourself if Hisham Al Zayani received like x5000 times the amount of applause you received.

    I was there and some other people (Shia) received a great round of applause e.g. Shaikh Mohsen Al Asfoor and even non-muslim (Rev. Hani Aziz) But failing to mention this in your blog can send the wrong message.

    I’m sure if AlWefaq continued the dialogue with good intentions. many would’ve been encouraged to give them a great round of applause and a lot of appreciation for taking a leading part in getting Bahrain out of this crisis.

    But instead Al Wefaq choose to hit the streets.

    Did Al Wefaq added to your feeling of despair for this country, or your high level of disgust with what this country has become?

    • mahmood says:

      Ahmed, you and I know that the Asfoor x 2 are perceived to be total loyalists, hence the reception they’ve received from the same sector or spectators I have mentioned. Nothing new there. Rev. Hani Aziz is the exception to the rule here, but exceptions prove the theory rather than negate it. I was happy for the reception Rev. Hani received. I disagree with you regarding Alwefaq. I doubt very much they would’ve received any recognition at all.

      The issue here is not the decibel level of approbation received, but how it is directed and how through it one can clearly deduce the political myopia that this country suffers from.

      But yes, Alwefaq’s stance does increase my feeling of despair too, not as to their actual demands – which I find fair and correct, as I do Wa’ad’s – but for their non-pragmatic approach to change.

  2. Hussain Ebrahim says:

    No need to feel “disgusted”! In the other side we had thousands cheering and clapping for Mushaimaa when he announced the “Islamic Republic of Bahrain”.

    For every action there is an equal reaction!

    It’s fair to say that Sunnis werent this pro-gov or loyalists until the oppositionists went BRESERK!

    • mahmood says:

      And when did two wrongs make a right my friend?

      Although I oppose Mushaimi’s political view as to the Republic demand, his remain a political view, just that. I have not heard of any credible threats of violence and bloody war from Haqq, the society he represented. You know that in every single (non-Arab) monarchy there is vociferous demands for the removal of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic. None of those people are labeled as traitors and none face threats of extinction for their views and actions in continuous demonstrations to expose their views. To end this Mushaimi’s gripe of yours, I did not ever hear either Haqq or any other political society demand an Islamic republic. If you have, please correct me.

      The only “reaction” that you allude to that I have witnessed is the transformation of a lot of (if not most) what were considered as moderates to extremists. The unwarranted over-zealous “reaction” was ill advised at best. So yes, I might agree with your assessment of one part of society going berserk, I differ to whom it should be applied to though.

      Hussain, think for a minute and tell me if you discover just one single published demand of “the opposition” that should it be implemented would not benefit the whole country. Just one.

      • Da Rebel says:

        Just for the record, were they the instigators of the plan to
        ban alcohol in the kingdom? Or was it another faction.

        Whoever it was, if alcohol WAS banned, it certainly would have a negative affect on the country. It could precipitate the collapse of the hotel and catering industry as we know it, lose the Formula One (though that particular event has been thrown into doubt by the unrest), and would tarnish the ‘business friendly’ Bahrain image.

        It would also seriously affect jobs and investment prospects for the kingdom.

        Just my 2 fils worth

    • Jon of Arabia says:

      What ignorant people we have on this island, that is of course if you are Bahraini and not some Saudi bedouin paid to do social media PR for the Alkhalifas. Ignorant people who can’t distinguish between a call for a democratic republic and a call for a second Iran.

      I dare you, I DOUBLE DARE YOU to post a video of Mushaima announcing his intent to form an “Islamic Republic of Bahrain”. If you can’t find one, how about an audio recording of it. If you can’t find one, how about a photocopy of the statement he made.

      Your complex ignorance and idiocy quite clearly stem from your faces being firmly planted up the Alkhalifas asses.

  3. James Benson says:

    What on earth was all this about?.. Medals/certificates to the participants? What nonsense! The country is on its knees and the govt continues the spin for its loyal supporters. Personally I consider that the dialogue was simply a PR stunt for the west. My hope is that the ‘independent’ Commission will come up with the goods, but I’m no way confident of that.

  4. exclamation mark says:

    Well medals and applauses or not… the country is like a roller coaster, going up and down.. just tighten your set belts gentlemen and expect the worst to come !

  5. Sky says:

    @Hussein Ibrahim

    Mushaima called for a DEMOCRATIC republic. So sick of hearing this myth of him calling for an Islamic republic trotted out blindly again and again. Try looking for his writings or speeches, they are available if you bother to look. I suspect you won’t because people like you prefer to cling on to your own prejudices

    I also don’t agree with his views on becoming a republic in the slightest, but lets at least try and be accurate.

    “It’s fair to say that Sunnis werent this pro-gov or loyalists until the oppositionists went BRESERK!” I think its fairer to say that the likes of you weren’t this pro-gov until you blindly and unquestioningly swallowed all the sectarian propaganda fed to you through state media sources.

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