Ramadhan Kareem

31 Jul, '11

Wishing you a fulfilling and spiritually cleansing Ramadhan my friends. May you rise above prejudices and reach out to your fellow human beings during this month.

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  1. milter says:

    And Ramadan Mubarak from Denmark.

  2. Wishing you the same 😉 May Allah Bless Everyone

  3. رمضان كريم وينعاد عليكم جميعا ً آمين

  4. Steve the American says:

    Well, Mahmood, it looks like Muslims in Iraq and Pakistan have taken your advice to reach out to their fellow human beings with bombs and bullets in a Ramadan Bombathon in which 35 Islamic terror attacks have killed 83 victims. Nothing makes for a happy Ramadan like dead infidels, eh?


    • mahmood says:

      it seems that you found a perfect lair for you in that site Steve. happy for you. and wishing you a happy and blissful Ramadan.

      • Steve the American says:

        I’m reading a new book about the Sep 11 attacks which presents new details and testimony. The firefighters say that when the jumpers, trying to escape the flames in the highest floors of the World Trade Center, hit the pavement they literally exploded, sending arms and legs out like shrapnel. One struck a fireman like a baseball bat.

        When they were digging through the rubble, frantically searching for survivors, they found a woman’s arm. When they unclasped her hand, they found a baby’s fist.

        And Muslims all around the world celebated those deaths as a great victory for Islam. I’ll never forget that.

        I imagine that many of those Muslims who danced and laughed and sang with joy about those American victims live in Syria or Libya or Bahrain or Egypt and demand America intervene in their revolutions on their behalf. I have the same sympathy for them they had for that mother and her infant.

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