Congratulations Libya…. Next?

21 Oct, '11

The pictures speak for themselves.

The question that wise “leaders” should ask themselves is: “Do I want to end up like any of these?”

I suppose not.

So what they need to do is relax that grip of power, give people the chance to live with dignity, treat them as equals and that will undoubtedly prolong their rule.

But who’s listening?

Congratulations Libya. Now please work hard at demolishing the idolization of persons and establish laws that apply to all and institutions to run the affairs of the country transparently and forge the future that was stolen from you for over 40 years.

Now. Who’s next?

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  1. FYI says:

    On the other hand, show me one of these countries that is better off now. I know democracy is a slow process, but some don’t deserve it period

  2. Larie says:

    Hollow comment FYI. Remeber that it took ages in “western” countries.

    “Everybody deserves to live with dignity” i agree what mr Mahmood says.

  3. JB says:

    @FYI On what basis do you get to decide who “deserves”it? Who are you to judge that?

  4. Larie says:

    it’s a classical paradoxic comment @JB. 2 decide who deserves democracy is NOT democratic. Don’t waist u’r energy on trolls 🙂

    BTW..poster, chapeau..

    btw: u used to show us your works on your garden in the it still as nice as it was?

  5. FYI says:

    “On what basis do you get to decide who “deserves”it? Who are you to judge that”

    Those who cannot separate religion from politics don’t deserve democracy.

    • Reader911 says:

      So when the people choose Islamic parties like Tunisia did .. they do not deserve it ??

      Let put it in other words..
      Choose Islam … don’t deserve democracy
      Choose Western Secularim … deserve democracy

      What a hypocrite you are !?

      • Anonny says:

        ‘Democracy’ and ‘majority rule’.are two different things. One takes into accounts the needs and welfare of minorities and those who are different. The other is a kind of organized mob.

  6. Anonny says:

    And on the news today I see that Libyans are cheering as some big cheese or other declares that Sharia law is gonna be the way forward.


    • Reader911 says:

      MY GOD !!!

      Do you know what Sharia Law is ??? Does it scare you that much ???

      maybe it is what they want ??

      Do they have to wear bikinis? do nude parades or Gay parades to be democratic?

      Do Western Values (if their is such a thing left) have to be shoved down their mouths to be democractic ????

      • Anonny says:

        All those CAPS, exclamation marks and triple question marks indicate a certain volatile state of mind … And yes, here we have the “Do they have to wear bikinis?” standard response.

        Dear 911, no, obviously they don’t have to wear bikinis or participate in forced gay marches. Nor do they have to have Western values forced down their throats. But whenever people start ranting about sharia law, it’s never pretty on the ground, is it? I’m sure it’s beautiful in theory, but it usually ends up with women being stoned to death and men getting away with way too much. So the first things to be shouted about in Libya were sharia law and polygamy. It’s around then that I thought that what the speaker needed the most was a nice, cool beer. A consensual beer, of course.

      • Steve the American says:

        The retreat to Sharia is a flight from reason, from secular government. It means that the religious will control the government, which means a new tyranny worse than the last one.

  7. Ba7raini says:

    The way the rebels handled Ghadhafi and some of his family’s capture is the antithesis of what democracy is all about. I think it’s nature’s way of showing the world what to expect from their so called “revolution”.
    Although a strong anti- Ghadhafi’s policies in the past, I strongly believe we all will be looking for yet another Ghadhafi in the near future to tame the Libyans.
    History always repeats itself, doesn’t it?!

    • Steve the American says:

      Violent revolutions revolutions historically spawn worse tyrants than they toppled.

  8. Don Cox says:

    “History always repeats itself, doesn’t it?!”

    Human nature doesn’t change, so there will always be greedy bullies who fight their way to the top. If you look at the history of ancient Greece, you see the same pattern of Dictator->Revolution->Democracy->Dictator, and likewise in Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Yet under this constant oscillation there has been a real long term trend toward better government. Compare Europe today with Europe in 1811. Or 11.

    The big step forward in my opinion was the writing of the US constitution, the first to really allow for human greed and ambition by setting up checks and balances. It took a long time to negotiate, and wasn’t really finished until the 1960s, when Term Limits were added.

    Term Limits will prevent most of the evils of tyranny, if they are stuck to. “Ten years is enough” is the best slogan for democrats.

  9. i Blame the Parents says:

    “Remeber that it took ages in “western” countries.”

    You don’t have to re-invent the wheel

  10. Anonny says:

    “You don’t have to re-invent the wheel”

    If you have only bought, borrowed, or used one without ever making it yourself, and other people’s blueprints don’t work, then you may well have to.

  11. Anonny says:

    Hey relax, Mr Red-buttoner, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it. I’m just saying it’ll take a long time and a lot of work and cooperation. And it has to work for you, not just be a copy of what we’ve got.

  12. FYI says:

    for those who don’t want the shura council, bring on the democracy!!

    “Male medics ban in labour theatres”

    MALE medics will be banned from labour theatres in all of Bahrain’s maternity hospitals under controversial legislation approved by MPs yesterday. Only female health staff will be allowed into the theatres, except in serious cases when a male specialist is required.

    The proposal was submitted by parliament’s Al Asala Bloc, an Islamist group, and was passed by a narrow margin despite opposition from some MPs.

    In its original form the bill would have banned all men from labour theatres, which opponents said was impossible in the event of complications that required a male specialist.

    However, it went through after it was amended to allow male experts in if required.

    Opponents to the bill included parliament services committee vice-chairman Dr Jamal Saleh, who described it as ridiculous.

    “There are different specialisations required in the labour room and all are necessary,” he said.

    “In most cases they are done by males only and banning them from entering means that operations can’t go through.”

    A Health Ministry representative accused MPs of not even understanding what happens inside labour theatres.

    “We have 60 maternity doctors, out of them two are male consultants and those two don’t intervene unless something goes wrong in the operation theatres,” she said.

    “We have Caesarean cases in which internal or external bleeding may occur and we need male consultants from other specialisations.

    “On the other hand, anaesthetic specialists are all males and they are needed for the operation to start – and throughout the operation to ensure that the patient is fine without any dosage complications.”

  13. Anonny says:

    Actually this sexual discrimination in the hospital ward means more vacancies for medical staff. And old-school muslim ladies at a particularly vulnerable juncture in their lives may appreciate it.

  14. Ba7raini says:

    When did the topic of discussion change from Libya to shura council?!

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