The sunflowers germinated

10 Nov, '11

Since the weather turned to the better about a week ago, I’ve put more effort into two things:

  1. Golf
  2. Gardening
I’m not showing much improvement in golf, but the garden has taken the bit and is off and running to full glory. During the Eid long weekend I took the chance to redo the vegetable patch and although no vegetable have been seeded there yet, I’ve prepared the ground and for the moment am using that patch’s sprinklers to water the small number of seed trays I’ve started. This morning, I was really happy to see that one of the sunflowers trays have sprouted with what looks like very healthy growth.
These are two types of sunflowers: at the top of the picture are the Mammoth Russian variety which can grow to 10 – 12 feet in height and with flower heads the size of dinner plates; while the others at the bottom are the much shorter Velvet Queen variety.
I was actually not holding on to much hope that they would germinate as their sell-by date has long past. They were marked to be used by 2010. I’m glad that they’re doing well (so far!)
At this rate, I’ll have to replant them into their permanent places within a week.
Me happy!

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