Systematic Torture in Bahrain continues with impunity

For those denialists who maintain that the BICI report is nothing but something to paper over the cracks temporarily so that the status quo is not ultimately disturbed, have a look at this. Maybe if you have a few atoms of humanity left in you, it might help you remove that veil off your conscience and see things for what they are:

This incident – amongst hundreds of others currently being meted out to the majority of villages in this country – should be independently investigated and the officers implicated and their masters who are doing nothing to stop this must be made to account for their actions and be punished. The government who oversees this situation should be summarily dismissed of course and with haste. Nothing else would do if that illusive “new page” is to become a reality.

There is not doubt in my mind that torture and inhumane treatment of citizens is systematic in this country. How can trust be re-established if this situation is not correctly addressed? How can the willing to co-exist happen? And having a truth and reconciliation effort with this background is completely ludicrous and inconceivable.

You had the initiative when the BICI report was first released. You slept on it and created unneeded committees ill-advisedly, now we see the value of these actions and delays.

You want unity? Then have the strength and courage to stare people in the eye and enact real reforms that will bring accountability to every single position in government regardless of tribal and familial relationships.

Who’s listening though? It certainly quite evident at this very moment that the blood of those punished citizens simply for demanding their rights does not come into any consideration.

Update 1112171357: Marc Owen Jones has an excellent analysis and shows this event from five different camera angles which leave absolutely no shred of doubt as to what happened:

Update 2: Due to the outcry over this incident, the Ministry of Interior has reported through its Twitter account that it has suspended some officers involved in this incident and mounting an investigation. I demanded in a return tweet that all of those implicated must have their names and ranks be declared in order for them to serve as an example of what not to do to their ranks.


  1. Sanity

    Spot on with this post Mahmood. The worst part of this video you didn’t post or maybe you didn’t see but its the video with a pile of youth lying over each other full of blood. At first you think its fake, so much blood, some youth still tied and its obvious that they were on the roof. An hour later though we see this video and the same video FROM 3 DIFFERENT angles and even 1 zooming into the riot police as they bludgeon the youth.

    I’m hoping you wont be “surprised” or “shocked” when the youth eventually lose their cool.

  2. Rafa

    Feels like a scene out of Saddam’s Iraq. This is a shot from the top of the building that Mahmood posted about after the “Bahraini police” left:

    For whoever watched Nick Kristoff’s latest report I am sure that you were as amused as I was when the police officer in the car said to Nick in an Indian/Pakistani accent “Bahrain is good country”. Yes, people, those are the officers beating the hell out of our kids and running them over.

  3. exclamation mark

    And the question been raised, is there still hope for reform?
    After what had happened yesterday, is that hope just a dream?
    Are the ones calling for the downfall of the regime right?

    And after what happened yesterday…
    Is that going to happen today too?
    And guys, you know ,
    This happened under the nose of UN delegates!
    With this being the case, is there still trust in the regime
    and its promise to execute what has come from the BICI report?
    This BICI thing is just being consumed for propaganda with nothing on the ground.
    Does is take a month to bring back those that had been unfairly sacked?

    Alot is going to happen this month…. And its not going to be good

    1. Post

      Excellent analysis and blog too. Thanks for pointing it out. Shall promote it by annotating the original post.

      1. Reader911

        Thanks Mahmood, it is a good blog, i only stumbled upon it today when I was going thru Nabeel Rajab’s FB page. By the way he was the one who posted it :p !

  4. yqxo

    It’s not that there is not proof, but is there channels to spread the information?

    Same thing seems to be the problem in Egypt at the moment. Anyone following Twitter can plainly see in form of video and pictures that it is the military inciting violence, and supporting these non-uniformed gangs.

    But how can you spread the information to regular Bahrain people and Egyptian people? There is no independent media to tackle these issues. It is the problem! Investigations are similarly worthless.

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  6. Ted

    Anyone can upload to BBC. Add a brief comment in English. As a UK citizen I am spreading every video and abuse to as wise an audience as possible; UK’s FO, WilliamHague (who has been very supportive of HRights and is deeply concerned about Bahrain), Amnesty, AmnestyDK, UN, AJE. Although any abuse is deplorable UN being there will ultimately help democracy in Bahrain. Next step there is for the UN team to report to Navi Pillay…asap…

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