Police brutality as an art form in Bahrain

18 Dec, '11

Diabolical of course, but as it has become the norm now, especially AFTER the BICI report’s come out, the government might well think that they could field the worst offenders (and there doesn’t seem to be any good ones there who could exercise their conscience once in a while) to the Olympics of depravity.

Here’s just one example or many:

The lesson here is what exactly?

Well, let’s see:

1. apprehend a demonstrator
2. don’t bother immobilizing him, that’s a secondary thing, just drag and kick him to hell
3. don’t be a scrooge, invite your comrades to the party! drag the senseless citizen along closer to where those comrades are, it’s not good to get them to run too much,
4. But, running generates good momentum for a good kick or two, so give those who do so extra brownie points
5. don’t forget to have a point guard with a shotgun looking about to ensure that no one is videoing the process
6. delegate to the gun toting gentlemen the authority to fire at will against those bastards who dare to gather mementos of the incident.

Brilliant. Well done. Encore encore!

Human rights my bloody foot!

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  1. Mike Diboll says:

    This shows two things: (1) that the problems with policing in Bahrain are INSTITUTIONAL, and cannot be solved this side of fundamental institutional reform, token measures like throwing money at a bent British ex-cop cannot do, and; (2) the ‘hardline’ part of the regime that controls the Ministry of the Interior “police” is not really interested in reform and is in fact sending a message: “f*** Bassiouni”! The solution to (1) is to abolish the current force and replace it with a representative, civilian police service, as happened in Northern Ireland when the paramilitary and sectarian Royal Ulster Constabulary was replaced by the Police Service of Northern Ireland as part of the Peace Process. This cannot happen until (2) the hardline element is finally marginalised. This will involve a certain individual being put out to pasture/spending more time with his family/doing charitable works/seeing the world/retiring for health reasons/being referred to the ICC (delete as applicable). This in turn can only happen with serious international supervision/intervention, ideally by the UN. Until then Hamad (or for that matter Ali Salman) can meet with whoever will have him, but it’ll all come to nothing. To think otherwise is wishful thinking…

  2. exclamation mark says:

    The word “institutional” a very important one…

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