Unhone paisa kyon diya?

12 Jan, '12

I’ve started learning Urdu.

Which seems to have become the Official Primary Language of this country.

Why else would allegedly murdering policemen employed by our Ministry of Interior who have direct access to my fellow Arab-speaking citizens need a translator in our courts when giving testimony and denying any wrongdoing for the murders of two of my compatriots under torture? Torture which has been documented to have been perpetrated – allegedly, mind – by two of them while their other three Urdu-speaking brothers-in-arms were standing by probably watching them with glee lay into the wrongly imprisoned and now murdered Bahrainis?

Policemen deny role in deaths

By NOOR ZAHRA , Posted on » Thursday, January 12, 2012

FIVE policemen have denied causing the deaths of two anti-government protesters who were being held in custody during the unrest.

Two of the suspects, aged 43 and 31, have been accused of beating them to death with a plastic pipe on April 8, according to court documents.

Three other policemen have been charged with failing to report the alleged crime.

The suspects, all Pakistanis, appeared at the High Criminal Court for the first time yesterday.

Relatives of the victims, journalists and lawyers attended.

The men, who do not speak Arabic, denied the charges when asked by a translator if they were guilty.

They also claimed to have been beaten up, but did not specify who attacked them.

The trial was adjourned until January 30 to appoint lawyers for the suspects, who were not held in custody.

The policemen had earlier been charged by a military court with similar offenses. [GDN – 12 Jan 12]

They will probably claim innocence (wait, they have!) maybe because they didn’t understand the Bloody Bahrainis shouting “I didn’t do it” and “I’m innocent”. Maybe they should’ve bothered to learn Urdo in the first place which could’ve saved their skin. Literally.

Therefore, I humbly propose that our illustrious Ministry of Education should replace Arabic altogether with a curriculum of the beautiful (and life saving) language of Urdu. And the sooner they do that, the better, for all of us.

Woh sev khaa rahein hai woh raat bhar soteh rahein?

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  1. somebody says:


  2. Little John says:

    It took a moment to sink in how utterly absurd this situation is. There should be more on trial in these murders than the ignorant brutes. Certainly I question, if found guilty, whether there is a place for such corrupted souls on this planet, but someone above them knew this was happening and so on.

    I have never been able come down on one side or the other with regards to capital punishment. Until I do, I would wish that these creatures are granted enough sentience to understand and feel their crime. To live with it untill the end of their days should be punishment enough.

    The fact this was allowed to happen with no possible productive outcome, other than to instill fear leaves me lost for words…

  3. Don Cox says:

    I think executions should be confined to those who are dangerous to others even when in jail – mafia bosses who stay in contact with their minions, for instance.

    The expression “capital punishment” is absurd, because punishment implies that the criminal will learn not to repeat the crime, and a corpse cannot learn.

  4. Ali says:

    It is kind of sick how you present stuff here Mahmood. Now these two who were killed in prison are “two of my compatriots” and you would be more than happy to see these policemen accused of murdering them being executed due to their wrongdoing. Whereas you never and will never condone the murdering of the two policemen by your other “compatriots” back in March 2011. You were extremely happy when the death sentence to those accused of murdering these policemen was delayed again the other day. You will always present your side of the story and will never tell the truth – except the parts that fits your agenda.
    Well, I guess it is my fault to be one of those who keep visiting this blog although I know reading your posts will make me sick.

    • mahmood says:

      Ali, if you as you claim are a reader of this blog, you will see that I stand against any kind of violence and condemn its use regardless of who’s action is was.

      Regarding your other baseless allegations, well, they’re baseless and I won’t bother with them. Got better things to do.

  5. mahmood says:

    ED NOTE: During the migration process the following comment was entered and failed to migrate; hence I’m entering it manually. Apologies for this failure:

    originally Submitted on 2012/01/15 at 12:35 by Mohammed

    I totally agree with Ali. You Mahmoud have always been one-sided and it makes me sick to see journalism brought to this level by the likes of you and Nabeel Rajab. I never rated you as a professional and i never will, you along with Nabeel Rajab are really the lowest form of journalism one can reach.
I just hope you one day realize that you had a big role in destabilizing Bahrain and bringing it to the ground.. you encouraged people to strike and riot and vandalize our country and terrorize us, for what?
for what gain?
Please spare us your blogs as you are now not credible to share your views and thoughts..

    • mahmood says:

      Mohammed, not sure what planet you’re on but I hope you’re enjoying your stay there.

      I’m NOT a journalist. This is a blog, go find the definition of what a blog is then recompute. And temper down that anger and hate, they both will ultimately destroy you.

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