He might. I and hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis certainly feel anything but.

And no, this is not a feeling that actually is due to the following video, in which police are seen aiding, abetting and participating in the wanton destruction, thieving and ransacking of a Bahraini business. We’ve actually felt that for quite some time, but people, bless them, always thought that we were just being dramatic! The events of the last fourteen months, the death of some 88 fellow Bahrainis due to police and state action, have certainly augmented that reality for us, and we’re now officially fed up!

Here’s the close-circuit camera security video of the Jawad Business Group owned 24-hour Market near the village of Nuwaidrat by the ALBA roundabout recorded on April 10th, 2012:

Will there now be an honest investigation and will there be any consequences to the culprits this time? Considering that this is apparently the 58th (yes, fifty-eightth) attack on Jawad’s enterprises since March last year. And if there is an investigation, what will be the outcome? Well, I’m willing to bet that the police officers involved in this will not be penalized. The thieving policeman who helped himself to water will not even be asked to pay its price. The vandals will be let go, or maybe suffer the indignity of a slapped wrist. But the real penalty will land – once again – on the victim. Jawad Business Group will be made to suffer even more for having the temerity of making such a video available to the public by allowing it to be released.


How dare Jawad do that? Don’t they know that by their action they will have deepened the schism of social hatred? Don’t they know that they have now contributed to the complete breakdown of social cohesion? Didn’t they think that they would have broken down the national unity? And above all else, they have intentionally besmirched the honor and dignity of our illustrious bawasil!

The police and the officers involved there need to be rewarded for their admirable self constraint. And as far as the thugs, thieves and vandals – sorry, the honorable Bahraini citizens who are only doing their duty – well, they’ll probably sleep off their exertions in their barracks for a while, before they’re goaded once again to do God’s work.

Welcome, to another safe day in Bahrain.