The Revived Caper

1 May, '12

Caper flowerI bought this caper several years ago from one of the Bahrain International Garden Shows, I think it was the 2006 or thereabouts. I left it in a medium-sized pot and it did well for a while. But like with everything else, time caught up with it and I thought it had died and being lazy (with a copious measure of hope) left it there.

I confess that after a while I gave it no further mind but fully remember its majesty when it did flower in its younger years. I further confess that as the cats started using the planter by the front door as a latrine – abhorrent beings they are – I resolved to move the plant and plonk it in the position it occupies now in order to prevent those infernal felines from doing their business there. My success in that department was good, but imagine the amplification of that feeling once I saw that the dry twig actually sprouted some very healthy looking leaves!

Now, just this morning, I notice this lovely flower – a day or so old and past its prime to be sure – yet, it serves as an excellent indication of the health of this lovely plant, especially when taken with the second bud to grace it too.

I am rather happy that the Caper has not only survived, but out of necessity, also found what seems to be its perfect place in my garden.

I so look forward to it thriving for some time to come.

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