Mulch, my solution to the cat problem

8 May, '12

The Desert Roses are thriving again once I've put the mulch down which kept the cats awayThese lovely clump of plants only started to thrive – after coming very close to death – when I put that mulch on all around them. The reason they were dying was the bloody cats were insisting on using that patch as their latrine!

I’m glad to say that I’m having good success with the mulch in that they’re not digging it up, except for Gimpy who’s immune to any sort of thought and he continues to go to his usual haunts and if the mulch is not deep enough, he would scrape that off and do his business. I’m seriously now considering mixing some black pepper or curry powder with the mulch in those areas.

Do you have any mehods of preventing cats to limit their latrine areas or keep them away from specifica patches? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Let’s talk. Enter your comments below please.

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  1. Mark says:

    Cayenne pepper does the trick as well liberal does of Black pepper. I would think curry would also work. Hotter and smellier the better.

    Cayenne pepper has been used to deter everything from nosey camels to woodchucks. You can sprinkle the raw pepper on the ground or make a cayenne pepper spray and mist your plants that are being chewed on by unwanted pests. It works wonders and it very safe to use. Not many critters want a snoot full of cayenne pepper.

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