The Typically Arab Politicians’ Way of Resolving Differences of Opinion

11 Jul, '12

Don’t agree?

Step 1: Remove shoe
Step 2: Throw shoe in the direction of the opponent
Step 3: If all else fails: shoot the bitch and be done with it

The world is no dire need of anyone who differs with you anyway.

Oh, and do that on live television in view of the whole world.

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  1. Sara Crowe says:

    There were similar scenes on Greek TV recently – insults and a glass of water thrown, followed by slapping. I know there are good politicians as well as bad out there but it’s worrying when these supposed ‘leaders’ behave like bad-tempered infants.

    • mahmood says:

      I stand corrected!

      Should re-title this to “typical politicians’ way of resolving differences of opinion!”

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