OSX Mountain Lion on Chicken

26 Jul, '12

Installation in progress…

Installation of OSX Mountain Lion is in progress on Chicken


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  1. mahmood says:


    the only incompatible application it found was a Sony SXS clip viewer.

  2. Ali says:

    Mountain Lion is GREAT. Just would like to know how long it took you to download it and what is your internet connection speed? As far as I know, internet sux in Bahrain and updating an iPhone is so much pain.

    • mahmood says:

      Can’t tell you how long it took as I left it downloading and went home. I did notice it estimated something like 3.5 hours for 4.3GB on a Batelco connection of 8mpbs. Worth it regardless of the time it takes!

  3. Ali says:

    I do understand this. Internet connection in Bahrain is so slow. It took me 30 minutes to download it and have it installed here in Australia. I don’t know how I will survive with the slow internet once I’m back.
    I’m enjoying Mountain Lion and my computer feels like new, but a bit disappointed. One of its cool features is Airplay, but just found out that it only supports 2011 Macs. My 2010 MacBook Pro is left unsupported. It is one way to push Mac users to buy newer machines. I would have bought the new MacBook Pro with Retina display if I could, but it is so expensive.

    • mahmood says:

      Well you can’t really blame them for that. The older machines probably don’t have the necessary hardware to support such a feature. I’m suffering from the same with the older 2009 iMacs I have. This must be a good time to upgrade!

      But downloading 4.3GB in 30 minutes.. man you’re going to go into hyper-culture-shock when you come back! 🙂

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