Mahmood Al-Yousif’s Int’l Media Awards Acceptance Speech

Here’s a video of my acceptance speech at the International Media Awards in London. Enjoy!




10 thoughts on “Mahmood Al-Yousif’s Int’l Media Awards Acceptance Speech”

  1. Ali Al Aswad is in London, and I think at the same period where the award session was held, the opposition was having a hearing at the House of Commons and Bahrain’s Human rights.

    And they seemed to have passed by…

    1. Most visitors to Bahrain have ‘no’ idea what goes under there feet, beer and wine is always on tap, as is bogging in the real world(?). From someone who has worn the chains and suffered local torture for 1023 days and witnessed what happens to both Shia and Sunni Bahranis who oppose the ruling family. Mahmood risks all for speaking out and has the full respect of the west, and the attention of the Al-khalifas.

    1. Thanks Kate, it was a very quick visit after a string of travel destinations east and west. Promise to come back soon!

  2. Well Done, you are making a difference. God help you if you ever fall foul of these people.

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